Best Film Production Company in Ilorin – XCLUSIVE FILMWORKS

XCLUSIVE FILMWORKS is a registered Film and Television Production Company with the vision of weaving truly distinctive Fiction and Non-Fiction stories in the mind of the world through Excellent and Original Film and TV Productions.


XCLUSIVE FILMWORKS is Todimu Adegoke’s quest in order to bring together, under a single African television production company, Talent, Motivation and Risk.
Our goal is very clear: to weave truly distinctive fictional stories within the best Film and TV Productions.
WE MAKE FICTION focused on a world where the viewers are already total experts. So WE CREATE LIVES that are surprising,
magnetic, stimulating, moving, brazen, excessive, epic, disturbing. Addictive CHARACTERS who are neither good nor bad any more. In fact, they may be both.

We offer a wide range of in-house expertise
which includes development, pre-production, production and post-production services which includes Script Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Color-grading, Sound design and more.
At Xclusive Filmworks, we also provide consultancy on Film, TV and media related productions.

Our core values with the acronym ‘i- core’ are Integrity, Creativity, Originality, Risk and Excellence respectively. Choosing to work with us is choosing to work with excellence.

We’ve made our Auditions easy. To get to feature in our projects, simply visit our website to submit a 1-min monologue on the audition page.

To know more about Xclusive Filmworks and review some of our projects, kindly visit us on our website

you can also contact us on this line : +234 8145121660
You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on all our social media platforms

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