Doodle Maker Review | by Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar

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Doodle maker best review | by Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar


The Generation of Artificial intelligence Has Arrived


Doodle maker is  Artificial Intelligence Video Maker,  Experience the fastest animated doodle maker on the planet.

This first-to-market A.I. technology simplifies video creation to save you hours. It does all the heavy lifting to produce premium quality videos on any topic.

Exploit unsaturated markets & untapped traffic sources. The software can translate any video into over
60 languages on-the-fly. Choose from 160+ human-sounding voices to give life to your message.

Multi-Purpose Video Capabilities Create Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard or videos with your own custom background image or color from inside ONE platform!

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With Doodle Maker You Can
Easily Make Brand New Videos

And Re-purpose Content You Already Have!

Convert ALL your existing content including

Blog & Social Posts | YouTube Videos | Slideshow Presentations

Into engaging animated doodle videos effortlessly with next generation A.I.

Why are they important?

Well, whiteboard animation videos are very important because of the wide variety of ways marketers try to catch the attention. The market space is filled with different ways of passing a message across to the audience, and most people are already tired of most of these techniques. By introducing doodle videos, you will put a fresh spin on your marketing efforts which can pay off in the end.

It has been discovered that these videos are highly effective at engaging and interesting the viewers. However, hiring someone to create a video for you can be relatively expensive.

And if you decide to do it by yourself, it might take up plenty of time and might be frustrating. The Doodle Maker claims to be designed to help with this. We gave it a spin and in this review, we will give you our results.


Everything You Need For Multi-Purpose
Doodle Videos In ANY Language Inside One Dashboard

Need Global Traffic?

SOLVED: Create videos in any language with on-the-fly translation, industry-leading text-to-speech and the ability to record or upload your own voiceover.

Not enough time or technical skill?

SOLVED: Make videos in minutes with zero technical skills using first-to-market artificial intelligence technology.

Need unlimited versatility?

SOLVED: Generate whiteboard, glassboard and blackboard doodle videos with ease from templates, from scratch or from other content.

Need Professional Quality?

SOLVED: DoodleMaker features stunning templates, visual media, special effects & animations for studio quality productions.

Need a budget-friendly solution?

SOLVED: make unlimited, expert-level doodle videos without expensive equipment or any monthly fees.

Lacking ideas or creativity?

SOLVED: Let the A.I. Video Translation Engine turn other content – even YouTube Creative Commons – into unique videos for you!

Doodle Maker Platform Packs In Unprecedented Value With Several Fully-Integrated Ground-breaking Technologies Packed  Into ONE Dashboard!

Unlike other obsolete pre dated Doodle Makers that only include one feature, Doodle Maker Software comes loaded with several never-seen-before ground breaking technologies packed into ONE!

The best part? The jaw dropping LOW price will ensure you get blockbuster conversions on launch day.

Using the commercial license included, customer can sell the videos they create to clients for $300 to $500 each OR offer Doodle Creation services to their clients for TOP DOLLAR!

The possibilities to profit with Doodle Maker Software are totally endless

How Doodle Maker Works

Because of all that we have said, you are likely curious about how this software works. Well, it is pretty simple. With the software, you can make videos without any pre-existing material via the Editor.

To use it, enter your text. This can range a wide number of things. For example, the text might be an ebook or a video script. It is any text that you want. Once the text has been inputted, the artificial intelligence feature of the Doodle Maker will translate this and pair it up with the database and provide the doodle image that best conveys the text.

If you do not want to use the AI, you can also customize the images that are presented to you. How? Well, Doodle Maker has a large library of images and offers you top-of-the-line technology to help you manage this to the optimum capacity.

Because of this, there is a near-endless list array of possibilities that you can enjoy. Unleash your inner creative with Doodle Maker. The catalog is rich and the images are different. By mastering it, you will certainly save loads of time, effort, and money that would have been used laboring over something of poor standard.

Whether you are a personal trainer or a teacher or and educator, you can take advantage of this software. You can be a marketer as well and use it to draw the attention of your audience.

The Worlds First Intuitive Artificial Intelligence
Doodle Video Creator

Create Videos From Scratch Using Our Powerful Freehand Doodle Editor        Simply Enter ANY Text, whether a simple article, an e-book or text script, basically any piece of content you desire. Then the AI goes to work and intuitively scans your content and then pairs up the text keywords to the relevant doodle image instantaneously.

Additionally, you have the full ability to alter and customize the images by accessing a library of THOUSANDS of HIGH QUALITY doodle images, Icon finder and a Pixeaby API integration means you have unlimited choices at your finger tips. This means you have endless possibilities when it comes to creating your doodles and more importantly, So no doodle is ever the same!

This truly is a remarkable feature and benefit as not only will your customers be saving time and money but they will have the power to use this for their own business or profit massively by providing this as service as commercial rights are included!


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Artificial Intelligence Video Translation Engine

You can now Effortlessly covert any video with voice and the built-in AI translation engine will automatically create an attention grabbing doodle video in Over 30+ Languages on demand

Simply upload your video or paste a youtube URL. And the softwares Artificial Intelligence will work it’s magic within minutes

You will be left with a profession, gorgeous High quality Doodle video which was all done for you with minimal effort.

To take things once step further our GROUND BREAKING Technology Artificial Intelligence will also allow you to use our pre populated human male or female voice overs or you can use your own, our AI will go one step beyond and CONVERT your audio into over 100 Voices in 30+ Languages on demand

This is a GAME CHANGER, Now your DOODLED Video can reach global customers and in turn means MASSIVE reach and MASSIVE profit!

This feature only is UNIQUE and the worlds first!


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kyrocket Your Results
With Industry-Leading Features

For Videos Your Viewers Will Love & Competitors Will Envy

300+ Video Templates Inside

Select from a wide variety of ready-made whiteboard, glassboard, & blackboard video templates from the hottestniches & industries.

Our stunning templates come loaded with human male & female voiceovers with effects and animations already done and ready to go!

Customize the templates as you like for endless possibilities for personal or commercial use!

Human-Style Text-To-Speech In 60+ Languages

Turn any text into a beautiful male or female voice to use as a voiceover for your videos! Supports all major languages & accents!

Our stunning templates come loaded with human male & female voiceovers with effects and animations already done and ready to go!

There’s no need to be on camera, record your own voice or pay for high-priced voiceover artists.

1-Click Video Translation Engine

Effortlessly convert your videos into ANY language with 1-click translation engine for true global reach

Blackboard, Whiteboard, Glassboard Switcher

Convert any video into 3 different formats in seconds. Create any video and switch to a different style with 1-click!

The built-in artificial intelligence engine will automatically turn your images & text into different colors to match your video style!

In-App Voice Recording

or upload and sync a pre-recorded audio file to use as the voiceover for the Doodle videos you create.

Millions Of High Quality Doodle Images & Icons

Convert any video into 3 different formats in seconds. Create any video and switch to a different style with 1-click!

Customize your masterpiece from the included library of doodle images, Pixabay / iconfinder integration or by uploading your own images.

Image To Sketch Converter

Turn any image into a sketch style doodle in seconds. Add unlimited variety to make any scene unique

Built-In Color Changer

Make videos in black-and-white or color with total ease. Change colors of any element with the click of your mouse.

Built-In Doodle Style Transitions

Next-gen doodle style transitions to add an extra POP and professional feel to your videos.
Have your text and images Fade-in, Slide-from-Bottom, Slide from left/right, or hand paint with 1-click!

hare Anywhere In HD Quality

Download your videos in 720 or 1080 FULL HD to share on any platform. Save time with the included YouTube and Vimeo Publisher.

Why Everyone Needs Doodle

The World Has Changed

With COVID-19, We saw MASS unemployment and millions around the world being unable to return back to a their physical job.

However, What we witnessed was a MAJOR SPIKE of people during lock down, now turning to the internet for ways how they could make an income using the internet.

We saw that education has shifted completely online and the likes of ZOOM have had massive growth and now the prestigious HARVARD school, teaching their classes ALL online and still charging the same amount per year!

With the online education industry booming, and people now understanding they can no longer rely on a single income stream and the possibility of another LOCKDOWN

We have seen Doodle whiteboard videos are the best way to educate, sell, engage, and inspire audiences worldwide

So THIS is the PERFECT time more than ever to introduce Doodle Maker during this current climate for customers.

So whether you’re a personal trainer, educator, teacher, consultant or coach etc, NOTHING beats whiteboard videos in ensuring your training, concepts and ideas are understood by your students or customers.

You don’t even need to be in front of a camera or even use your own voice and with the AI Video Translation Engine you can now effectively communicate to customers globally in their native tongue.

If you are a marketer or advertising agency, or you want a way to make some money right now as a independent freelancer, than nothing beats how quickly you can build conversion-getting videos. Read more..


Activate Your Deluxe Access Now Before This Special Launch Pricing Expires Forever… 


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Doodle Maker: Bonuses

Bonus 1: Animated Graphics Firesale ($294)

A stunning collection of over 8000+ deluxe animated GIF graphics. This firesale of animated graphics have been proven to help convert sales more than the average graphics. In other words, it brings prospects like a breeze.

Bonus 2: Keyword Ninja ( $297)

Get Ready to Give Your Business a Huge Upgrade, Because You’re About to Discover the Time Saving, Profit Boosting Magic of this keyword software. This is keyword software that finds synonyms and gets keyword data from Overture. It also gets related keywords from sites listed on Google and Yahoo. You can either enter a “starting” keyword manually or download an existing keyword list.

Bonus3: Modern Social Media Marketing Video Training ($245)

Would You Like To Discover A Shortcut To Unleash the Power of Modern Social Media Marketing? If so, pay close attention to this very limited, special offer… You will only see this once… This Will Teach You All the Skills You Need to Unleash the Power of Modern Social Media Marketing in 10 Steps.

If you follow the step-by-step guide, you will be heading straight to that goal… But, what if you could do it even faster And what if you could insure that you get the absolute BEST results possible and stay focused… In short, making sure that this is a real success.

Bonus 4: Ninja Affiliate Blogger ($197)

You’re About To Learn Step-By-Step How To Blog For Profit With Only 2 Hours Of Work A Month! No Gimmicks. No Games. REAL Income! I have covered everything for you. You will get step by step instructions on how to copy my blogging success inside.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie and don’t know anything about blogs or affiliate marketing.

Bonus 5: Product Launch Ignition ($247)

The biggest mistakes I see people make is launching a product without doing the proper testing and planning. Not only have I seen it, but I’ve also experienced it myself. Yes, I have several launches that were pure failures, but I learned from them, so I’m glad I failed. Ultimately a failure, in the end, is a success if you learn from it. With that said, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made by watching this video series.

Tik Tok Marketing Upgrade Package: ($297)

TikTok appeals to a younger demographic and you really need to speak their language to be successful. We have worked hard to provide you with everything that you need to know to use the TikTok platform to market your business successfully.

Other marketers have tried marketing on TikTok and failed. We do not want you to make the same mistakes that they did.


There’s So Much Here For So Little
What’s The Catch?

Your license to DoodleMaker includes unlimited video creation, for both you and clients.

This involves significant, ongoing costs to us.

So the catch is we can only accept a limited number of people at this LOW one-time price.

Once this exclusive offer closes, the one-time price may expire and be replaced by a monthly subscription without notice.

IMPORTANT: Maintaining premium service for all customers requires robust hosting infrastructure and bandwidth.
Ongoing app updates and feature upgrades require a further investment in specialized developers.

So we expect the price to rise to a monthly subscription of at least $67 per month in the near future.

The reason we’re offering DoodleMaker at such a low one time price today is to give anyone the ability to leverage next-generation doodle videos for game changing results.

Just please understand the price can’t – and won’t – stay this low for long. So take advantage of this amazingly low introductory price while you can!

One-Time Special Upgrade Deal – May Expire Once You leave This Page.

Skip This Deal At Your Own Risk As Price May DOUBLE Without Notice!

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