FOREX AUTOSCALER is a trading management software that is use to earn 3-5x more pips per trade. once you start using it you will never want to stop using it. And is available for both mt4 and mt5. forex autoscaler review

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If You Trade CFDs During Any Session Take Full Advantage Of The Price Action You See After The Official Market Opens And Make More Pips In A Day Than Most People Make In A Month.

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How Does AutoScaler Work?

It’s simple. You place a trade according to whatever rules you follow when deciding to take or pass on a trade setup. Once the trade is accepted by your broker, AutoScaler goes to work.

  • AutoScaler now places from 1 to 30 additional Pending trades (you control the number within the Inputs section;
  • AutoScaler places a Stop Loss for each pending trade, either all on the same price point as your original trade SL or “X” pips apart;
  • AutoScaler places a Take Profit for each trade, either all on the same price point as your original trade or “X” pip apart
  • AutoScaler also allows you to use either a Traditional Trailing Stop Loss, the Step Stop or no trailing stop at all;
  • AutoScaler will close out all unexecuted pending trades if price reaches your Stop Loss prior to all pending trades executing.

Won’t I Just Blow My Account Up If I Take One Bad Trade?

The answer is NO

The Step Stop Trailing Stop option is designed to keep moving your stop loss deeper into profit as price continues to move in your favor.

By setting the Step to the same number of pips as your Pips Interval (the number of pips between each pending trade’s execution price) every time you execute a new trade the Step Stop is designed to move your Stop Loss that same number of pips closer to current price action.

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In the example, if we set a Take Profit to close out all trades at 32000, we’d make 20 (Trade 1), 15 (Trade #2) 10 (Trade #3) and 5 (Trade #4) for a total of 50 pips. On a simple 20 pip price move.

If we set the Take profit at 31995 (5 more pips) we would gain 5 more pips on each trade (20 pips total) and close out with +70 on a 25 pip trade. Each additional 5 pip move into profit adds 20 pips to our gain.

This is why my guy Robbie called AutoScaler the “Crack Cocaine of MT4 Trade Managers”. Once you get a taste of triple digit gains off small double digit winning trades, you want to experience that high again and again and again.

And the great thing about using the Step Stop, if you scale in enough trades, you will reach a point where the profits from the earlier trades will completely erase any new loss exposure on the later trades and start increasing your profits exponentially. (black on white)

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Now You Have To Choose One Of These Three Options.

  • Do nothing. Click away from this page. Keep grinding out those small winning trades. You’ll reach your goals one of these days. But try not to focus on Day 36, which is the date projected for you to double your account. Specifically, try to not focus on the people who took advantage of AutoScaler and not only doubled their accounts 28 days ago, but who are now sitting on mid 5 figure accounts thanks to their regular use of AutoScaler to manage their trades.
  • Skip the automated software and do it all yourself manually. After all, how hard can it be to add in a few extra trades when price is moving in the right direction? Of course, sometimes price will move faster than you can react and you’ll miss entries, or get filled at the wrong price and watch in horror as your trades move into losing territory before you have a chance to set up all the stop losses, leading to significant losses that could take you days, weeks or even months to recapture. But hey, you saved a few bucks by being a Do It Yourself Champion! forex autoscaler review
  • Pick up a copy of Forex AutoScaler and start turning those 20 and 30 pip trades into 50 to 100 pip trades without increasing your risk of loss, and avoiding all the hassles and headaches that come with trying to do it all yourself manually while the markets are open and active. AutoScaler is priced so that even the smallest traders can recapture their purchase price in just a few trades, and for those who are already trading multiple mini or full lot trades, you could get it all back on your first trade and have some left over.



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