How To Become A Freelance Copywriter

What Is Copywriting?

How To Become A Freelance Copywriter, Copywriting is using the written word to start, enhance or extend a relationship with a customer

that includes salesmanship in print.

Copywriting It is the ability to use the written words to persuade someone to take an action.

Copywriting is closing in print. It is the ability to persuade, influence, and engage.

How To Become A Freelance Copywriter

How To Become A Freelance Copywriter

Well, the very first step is to know what, specifically, you want to write, and write it down. This can be a single sentence, or even just a few words. For example, you might jot down any of the following:

  • I want to write a blog about photography
  • humorous essays on parenting
  • technical how to guides in my industry
  • magazine articles on [specific topic]

You want be a freelance writer, right? So take a minute to write down what you want to write.

Next, think about the experience you have.

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List any writing-related tasks you’ve ever taken on at previous jobs, including volunteer work and other experience from your personal life. Here’s the thing: EVERYTHING COUNTS. Did you ever take notes at team meetings? Did you ever write an article for the PTA newsletter? Did you ever write an annual update to your extended family? ALL OF THAT MATTERS. Write it all down.

Nothing, you say? Dig a little deeper. Think about the skills you have that tie into your related interests. Perhaps you’re interested in writing about food and recipes. Ever work in a restaurant kitchen? Or as a waitress? Did you talk about the daily specials? Did you get people to order things the chef wanted to push?

Now, take all those features and learn how to convert them into the benefits that clients will pay for, which will help you write an effective pitch letter and let you charge clients what you’re worth, rather than settling for low pay.

What’s the difference between features and benefits? A feature is merely a description — a fact — about a product or service. “Head Copywriter for Widgets, Inc.,” for example. A benefit is what the user of the product or service gets from it. “Extensive knowledge of what sells widgets and how to reach the widget-buying market” is a benefit — the buyer is essentially paying for my expertise.

A benefit answers the client’s most important question, “What’s in it for me?”

Never assume that the reader will make the leap from feature to benefit alone. It’s your job to spell out the benefit explicitly. If you don’t, everything you ever write — will be ineffective.

Here are a few examples.

Let’s say you had a job as a secretary in a doctor’s office. In preparation for your yearly vacation, you wrote out detailed instructions for the temp who filled in for you while you were away. When you came back to work, everyone in the office mentioned that the temp was able to jump right in, thanks to your clear communication and attention to detail.

So, you can write documentation that explains complex processes in easy-to-understand language (feature), which eliminates downtime and streamlines work processes (benefit). What’s in it for your clients? Clearly-written material that saves them time.

Perhaps you worked in retail at a clothing store. People frequently came in and tried on, say, jeans. You helped them pair another piece or two with those jeans, and maybe 3 out of 5 times, the customer bought the extra items.

You can recognize client needs and upsell appropriately (feature), which boosted the bottom line with 60% more sales (benefit). What’s in it for your clients? More sales, more revenue.

Do you see the difference between features and benefits? I can’t stress this enough — way too many people don’t understand the difference between the two, and they don’t understand how this costs them sales.

How To Become A Freelance Copywriter

Once you have a list of benefits for potential clients, sit down and write a letter that pitches you. Figure out who your audience is. Who is your prospective buyer? What does she need from you? If you were in your client’s shoes, what would you be looking for in a pitch? What information would you need to make a decision? Then, provide that information in your pitch letter, and start sending it out.

How to get clients as a freelance copywriter

  1. Get small time gigs

This is for example posting on Fiverr that you’ll do copywriting for people for a really cheap price sometimes between 5 bucks and 15 bucks apiece you can also go on Craigslist and post yourself as a copywriter for hire and people will probably shoot you some projects that are relatively low paying the other way is to go on marketplaces such as up work and become a copywriter for hire the problem with a lot of these marketplaces is that people drop out of them really really fast because they tend to make a couple of deals here and there with people and then they realize a lot of the requests they get are trying to either lowball them.

     2. Become popular for big companies

     3. Becoming popular in the copywriting community


How To Become A Freelance Copywriter

Why do people hire copywriters

Think about the huge amount of content a lot of companies have to put out a

Single insurance company will have to put out all this stuff.

They’ll have to put out ads on TV that need scripts

They’ll have to put out ads on the internet such as Facebook such as Google

AdWords they’ll have to put out ads on the radio that need scripts.

They’ll have to make brochures for business consumer

Sales they’ll also have to make.

Brochures for business-to-business sales.

They’ll have to make brochures for each and every different one of their products.

They’ll have to have forms to fill out for various product lines.

They will have to update their Twitter page.

They’ll have to update their Facebook page. 

You have to make content for their website oh their god I’m gonna have to make an about page for the website

They’re going to have to make sure their content is converting then they’re gonna have to make content for each product on their website.

Then they’re gonna have to make sure customers know how to sign up and that language is in very clear plain.

English they’re gonna have to send customer packets explaining their new.

How To Become A Freelance Copywriter

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