How To Create A Locally Made Inverter With Ease

Create A Locally Made Inverter With Ease

It’s very easy to create locally made inverter, there are different ways that u can entertain yourself when u are at home.

All you need is Gotv and an LCD with a very low wattage or a PC monitor that has AV input ,a 650va UPS, a 12v 40ah fullriver valve regulated battery and a smart charger.

I bought my 40ah battery brand new at oshodi for 6k its equivalent to deep cycle batteries and I bought my 20amp smart battery charger at idioro mushin for 7k, with this u can stay connected to ur favorite programs on TV or watch movies on ur LCD via external hdd, if u already have an LCD TV, just check the watts ,if its above 100, then u need to get a 15inch monitor that has AV input II bought mine 5k at computer village, the smart charger charges the battery,the ups stands as the power, my 15inch monitor is 34watts while the blu ray player is just 16watts.


When there is no electricity ,my 40ah battery can power my 15inch LCD and Gotv or bluray player for full 9hrs.

Note: It only powers my Gotv, bluray and 15inch LCD, imagine if I have 2 of that battery nko? That means I will never miss my favorite programs.  you need to get inverter.

See pic below

The inverter battery

Take Note:

it will power lcd and led TVs, Its easy, all u need is a small ups ( the one that uses only one battery), a battery charger and a 12v valve regulated or deep cycle battery and a red and black wire which u will use to extend the negative and positive cable of the ups
Unscrew your ups and extend the black and red wire that go to the battery to be longer(please use red and black colour wire to avoid confusion), connect the extended red wire to your battery positive(red) and the black to your battery (negative),
Also connect the charger’s positive clip to your battery positive and charger’s negative clip to your battery negative, now, plug in your charger power cable in to electricity power source and plug in your lcd to your ups, turn on your ups and its ready!!!

Below photo is how u extend the red and black wire from the ups to the battery outside the ups, (a used and working perfectly 650va bluegate ups without battery is sold at oshodi main market for just 1,500naira)

The photo above is at the back of the ups where u plug in ur TV or dvd or even phone charger,
do not overload the battery

you can get a 20watts 15inch monitor ,most 15inch monitors come with a power adapter, its from the power adapter that u can calculate the watts, my 15inch came with a power adapter of 60watts, I had to buy another 12v adapter , I needed the lcd wattage to be low, remember, the lower the watts of your appliance, the longer your battery can carry ..,
I bought a 12v— 2.0A power cable for my 15inch .
12v multiply by 2.0A = 24watts.


my 32inch lcd is 160watts, so its always on when there is light, but wen Nepa carry light, I switch it off completely, I had to get a very small extension box with a switch on it, so as to make sure its turned off completely, because if its still on standby mode, it will still draw little current.
Below is the photo of the power adapter I bought for my 15inch, 15inch lcd monitor with AV input is available at computer village as from 5k, if u are buying one, make sure it has an AV input, where u plug in your video in and audio in cable, if u no smart those boys go carry ordinary PC monitor give u,
How long will a 160Watts 32inch lcd TV last on my 12v 40ah battery ?
12v multiply by 40ah battery divide by 160watts =3hrs
12v multiply by 40ah battery divided by 24watts = 20hrs

Don’t overload your battery it won’t last long.
U can plug the home theater dvd player to it but don’t add the home theater woofer ,the woofer will drain your battery fast.
Its only a 40ah battery, Do not overload it or unless u want to add more 12v 40ah battery to it , I Have been using it for 4 months now.

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