how to fix iPhone water damage (100% Successful )

How to fix iphone water damage ( 100% )


As you know, iphones are known for being water resistant; however, iphones still cannot resist the effects of liquid. iphones can suffer from liquid damage when they get wet. In this article I will discuss how iphone water damage can be fixed.

If your phone is still working you should immediately turn off the phone and take out the battery and sim card/ microSD card before drying it. To dry your iphone quickly place it in a bag containing silica gel which absorb moisture. There are also other drying methods that work as well such as using rice or silica packets that can be found in most grocery stores or old newspapers.

If your iphone is not working and you cannot turn it on, there are other ways to dry it. If you previously had insurance or still have warranty you may want to take the iphone into a repair shop to have it checked out.

These are the steps to take if you damaged your iphone water:

Step 1

Turn off your phone and remove the battery, SIM card and memory card (if it has one). If you have a case on your iphone, take that off too. You want to minimize as many barriers between the phone and the open air as possible.  Remove the phone from the water as soon as possible and turn it off immediately.

Step 2

Remove any excess water as soon as possible with an absorbent cloth or paper towel, being careful not to turn the phone on until you’ve gotten out all of the moisture that you can see in order to prevent short circuiting it. If the iphone is still Lizzy there could be water in places you can’t see.

Take the phone apart to get rid of any water or moisture that may be trapped inside. You will want to dry out the parts, so doing this step indoors is best if you have a well-ventilated area with a paper towel and fan like a microwave or air conditioning vent. If not, just open up some windows and get some fresh air in there!

Step 3:

Take out all of your iphone’s other contents and put them into a lint free cloth or paper towel and then place it onto a flat surface like a table. Then place another clean sheet on top and place some heavy objects on top like books to press down on the cloth so that it absorbs as much moisture as possible from your phone.

Get some isopropyl alcohol for all of your drying needs. It’s important to use rubbing alcohol because it evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave any residue behind. The iphone is a delicate piece of technology, so using the wrong alcohol or improper drying methods can actually penetrate your iphone’s hardware and cause more damage than helpful.  Get yourself some isopropyl for the job!

Step 4

Use a hair dryer and set it to high heat  for 10-15 minutes  to dry out any excess water that may be stuck in your iphone. It’s very important to do this step  outdoors  or in a well-ventilated area  because the C02 released from the hair dryer can cause an explosion if it builds up too much  inside  your house  or apartment  (true story).

After 30 minutes to an hour, turn off the heat in the room where you’re drying your iphone (if you have any) and leave it for several hours before turning back on again to finish drying it completely. For very iphone liquid damage , leave it overnight.

Step 5

Remove the SIM card tray and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any leftover water. Dry out the inside with some paper towels. The objective is to not let any water leak out when you put it all back together  in step 8 .

Step 6 :

Once you’re done drying out the insides, put everything back together and check to make sure that there’s no more moisture trapped inside.

Step 7 :

Once you’ve made sure that the phone is completely dry inside and out, it’s time to turn your device back on. Don’t worry if it seems a little odd or glitch at first – this is normal! After about an hour of being turned on, it should be fine and back to normal  again  after the water damage  has been  fixed  for iphone.

Step 8 :

Now that your iphone is turned on again, it’s time to restart all of your apps. You will want to make sure that you’re running the latest version of all of your apps  since  they  may have been  affected  by iphone water damage. If any of your apps crash or freeze, you should remove them  from iphone  until you can get the latest versions installed  in step 9.

Step 9 :

You don’t just want to get the newest iphone  app  versions  –  you want to make sure that they are specifically  designed  to iphone . Since you just had your phone exposed to water, there’s a chance that your apps and games were affected and will not run as smoothly. You can  try  and iphone  fix  this  by iphone  appizing  all of the apps on your phone.

Step 10 :

If you don’t want to go through all that work (it can take a while, so i’m not surprised if you’re lazy), then there is a  fix  available  that you can use to restore your apps to their original, functioning iphone  state.

Step 11 :

Once you’ve restored everything back to its normal state, all you have to do is go check out our comprehensive   fix  guides  section and start from the top.

Step 12 :

You might also want to make sure that your warranty is not void, so you might want to keep your receipts and do some research  on fix .

Step 13 :

The last thing you want to do is stay glued to your iphone  if water damage fix for any signs of more damage. Although it’s rare, there are countless stories about iphone  leaking  from iphone  cases  and causing even more damage to the phone. If this happens, you’ll want to go ahead and get a new iphone .

Step 14 :

Even though it might seem like an impossible task at first, you can actually  fix iphone  without having to go the traditional route of replacing it completely.

Step 15 :

If you’re still having trouble  fixing iphone , you can always ask for help on iFixit’s Answers forum.

Step 16 :

As a last resort, if you’re still stuck after trying all of this yourself, you can always take it to the pros for some quick cash. The pros are much more reliable and you’ll get back your device a lot quicker with certified.

iphone repair shops can fix liquid damage . They will use desiccants to help dry the iphone, and may attempt to turn on your phone, depending on how bad the iphone was damaged by water. This is a very good option when all else fails.

Step 17 :

If this doesn’t work or you don’t want to try any of these options for some reason, you can take your phone back to the place you purchased it from as they may provide a free replacement (as long as the warranty hasn’t expired).

Step 18 :

Last resort – If none of these methods have worked for you then unfortunately I’m sorry but there is nothing more that you can do, is the most iphone repair shops may be able to fix it at this point but if they cannot or you don’t have money for a new phone then your only option is to replace the iphone.

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This  process is quite simple and involves replacing components of your phone that have been damaged by contact with water, so it’s not a bad idea if you know what you’re doing. If you’ve seen at least one other video on YouTube about how to do this then I’m sure you remember how long each step took. So here are a few tips and tricks (and some new ones) that should help save around 30 minutes compared to using those videos as guides.

At this stage if you haven’t already removed the battery then do so now and open up your phone. You should find several screws on the bottom of your phone, loosen them with an appropriate screwdriver and take out any other visible screws as well. Lift off the back cover of your phone and remove all other attachments.

You may find that your phone is still stuck to the case. If this is the case then it’s not a problem, just take out your sim card tray and place it onto another flat surface (like a table) with some heavy objects on top of it. Leave it for around 30 minutes as well in order for moisture to rise from all sides of your phone and be absorbed into the cloth. Then proceed to removing any screws visible on the sides of your phone and open up its cases carefully, taking note NOT to touch circuit boards which can short circuit easily when touched by moisture iphone water damage

How to retrieve data from my water damage iphone?

If you’re not sure whether your iphone has had any liquid damage, inspect the iphone for water-related indicators.

Look out for seepage through the seams of iphones which are usually caused by using and washing the iphones without being careful enough. Check the seals around ports to see if it has been compromised.

Then also check any bundled cables or headphones for any wet spots. If you’ve got a feeling that something isn’t right, then take the following steps to prevent further damage.

Take out SIM cards and memory chips from the phone, and store them in an airtight bag with a dry towel.

If you’ve got a feeling that something isn’t right, then take the following steps to prevent further damage. Take out SIM cards and memory chips from the phone Place it in a bowl of uncooked rice Leave it in there for at least 48 hours after which time you can check it out. If any debris is stuck inside then use small tweezers to remove them safely. iphone water damage

Then also check any bundled cables or headphones for any wet spots If you’ve got a feeling that something isn’t right, then take the following steps to prevent further iphone liquid damage : Take out SIM cards and memory chips from the phone

Now open up your iPhone again. There are small screws on the bottom of the phone which you have to remove with the appropriate screwdriver. Then there are clips on both sides of your phone which can be gently pried away using a plastic card such as a credit card . Be careful not to break off these components.

If you’re finding it hard to open up your iphone, do not give up and go in search of an iphone repair  shop which will be able to check the iphone for water damage.

Now that you’ve pull out the logic board at this point if it’s still connected to the display by ribbon cables. Use a plastic card (e.g., credit card) into every nook and cranny where any liquid might have leaked in during your iphones exposure to water. The best way is to use a vacuum cleaner first then wipe off with a soft lint-free cloth, taking care not get any debris between the cracks or else these can cause damage later on. iphone

Once you’ve checked for wet spots, replace the logic board and back into place. Check the connectors to make sure they are completely dry as well before plugging in any cables again.

Work systematically from one side of your phone to another so that you don’t forget a step or mess up anything along the way. If you’re not sure about what’s going on, take your iphone to an iphone repair shop for some good advice and assistance instead of risking further complications by continuing at home alone.

If there is visible corrosion present then use some extra fine sandpaper with a little bit of iphone water damage  alcohol to gently smooth off any bumps and rough edges. If there is visible corrosion present then use some extra fine iphone water damage sandpaper with a little bit of alcohol to gently smooth off any bumps and rough edges.

Last but not least, after your iphone has had an, place it back into its original case using the same screws. You can also set up backups for all your data by making sure that you have stored them in an external hard drive before the data was corrupted during liquids exposure as well as other electronic devices .

When you set up these backups (which should be done regularly anyway), take care to always give them a new name whenever you back up your data again. This will help prevent accidental overwrites.

This was how to fix iphone water damage iphone 6 repair iphone 6 plus and other steps that can be taken if your phone has been doused with liquids accidentally. For expert advice, however, visit an iphone repair shop so they can check out your device and see if it’s still safe to use afterward or whether it should be replaced iphone water damage iphone 8 iphone data recovery  .

2. If your phone is not turning on, then plug it into the outlet with the charging cord and let it charge for a few hours using a good quality charger. Sometimes after contact with liquid you may find that even if your battery wasn’t damaged, it will still not be able to start up normally. This can be resolved by following the steps below:

Take away all cases from your phone so that its left with only its default protective covering; iphone water damage  let it air out for around half an hour before putting the case back on; Check whether any parts of your phone aren’t working iphone  (for example iphone camera) and if they are, you know that the liquid has got into those areas. Now is a good time to check because its easier to replace iphone  components when the case is off.

If there is no visible corrosion, leave your phone alone for around 24 hours (longer if possible) and then try turning it on again; iphone 5c iphone 7 liquid damage  – this will allow any moisture which may have gotten inside to evaporate more easily.

If after trying these steps you find that your phone still isn’t working as normal, then you can get in touch iphone  repair  and they can help you out. You can also find some great videos on YouTube showing how to do home iphone repair.

3. If all your phone’s features are operational but it is still wet and won’t switch on, then the most likely explanation is that its logic board has been damaged by water or other liquids. Once again, if this seems likely, take your device to an iphone repair shop for their specialist opinion iphone 5c .

Otherwise, remove any remaining moisture from inside your phone by using a desiccant pack while the battery is off (make sure iphone 6 iphone  repair iphone 8  that the phone is not turned on during this process).

After following these steps, try to switch your iphone  on again. In rare cases, even after all visible moisture has been removed from inside your phone, corrosion can still occur within the logic board. If it does and you find that your phone experiences sudden crashes or freezes whenever you use it, then follow the steps below:

– let your device air out for a while (ideally overnight) and then plug it into an outlet with its charging cord attached;

– leave it charging for a few hours. This step will make sure that it has enough power now to safely let you check your device for any signs of corrosion or water damage;

– access the phone’s back and remove its battery, sim card and memory card (if applicable); iphone 5s iphone 8 – leave the parts sitting on a table or desk where they’ll be exposed to air circulation;  be sure not to touch any of these components while you do this;

After completing the above steps, check over all the phone’s connecting ports as well as other parts like its motherboard, logic board and screen iphone  for any signs of corrosion;

– if you do find corrosion in any of these areas, then it’s likely that your phone will need to be replaced. Otherwise, leave the battery out for a couple more days and then try turning on the phone again to see what happens.

If it still experiences sudden crashes or freezes, there may be some other cause but its highly unlikely by now iphone water damage iphone 8 plus since all liquids have been flushed from inside the device. It is much more likely (and advisable) at this stage to take your phone back to where you bought it and get an expert there to run a diagnostic on it.

If your phone was dropped in water and you’ve done all the things above, the problem could be that its logic board has already been damaged by moisture. If this is the case then you can contact iphone store  or head to Apple’s website for information about their liquid damage policy as well as any relevant search queries such as “liquid damage iphone”, “water damage repair” or “iPhone logic board”.

In rare cases, even after all visible moisture has been removed from inside your phone and corrosion has been ruled out, it may still not function normally again. If this is the case then (as you’d probably realise) there is nothing more that can be done other than take your phone back to where you purchased it for a refund or exchange.

If your phone has fallen victim to other forms of physical damage then you can find more helpful tips about these issues on our website.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a safe way to remove the battery in order to fix a stuck power button?

The short answer is no, but this issue also does not apply to the iPhone 5 and newer models. Also note that if you’re seeing issues with your power button, you should take the phone into an Apple store for a free repair.

I know that there is no safe way to remove the battery from an iPhone 4S with a stuck power button. However, I do have some tips for you that could help with your issue:

1) You can try spraying the phone with compressed air to remove any dust and dirt that may be in the phone iphone 7 water damage warranty inside it. Note that you should not use the can upside down as this could push dust and dirt further into the device;

2) If nothing else works, then I would suggest taking your iphone   into an Apple store or a place like GeekSquad for a free repair.

How do I know if it’s safe to turn on my iphone?

If your iPhone has been exposed to water and is not displaying the SOS warning, you should be able to turn it on. In fact, Apple recommends that you do exactly that in order to test the phone.

This is why, when your iPhone is exposed to liquid and begins displaying the SOS warning, it’s recommended that you plug it into power so that initial diagnostic tests will run on it.

How can I get my phone to display the SOS message?

This is a common question asked by people who dropped their phones in water and are seeing an Apple logo or other screen when their iphone is turned on.

If your phone has been exposed to some liquid, this will trigger the SOS feature. The message you see will be a combination of iphone and a number, which varies depending on the model. For example, an iPhone 5 would show either AQU(1)

To get your phone to show this message, you’ll need to press and hold both the On/Off button and either the Volume Up or Volume Down button for at least 30 seconds, and then release. You’ll know that the SOS message has been selected when you see it.

If your phone is still not showing the SOS message after this, then you may want to try turning it off and then on again.

If you’re using an iPhone 6S or newer, the process is slightly different and requires you to hold down the Power button until SOS appears on your screen. From here, you  will need to press and hold both the Volume Up or Volume Down button for at least 30 seconds

Good luck and congratulations for successfully fixing water damage iphone repair your device!

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