How to Google SEO Step by Step Guide

How to google SEO


What is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page on a search engine result page (SERP) how to google seo.


How to google seo, how to optimize your website for google search engine.

A lot of people are not aware of  google seo because they don’t know how important it is. In order to get better rankings in the search engines, a lot of changes need to be made on your site such as meta tags which are keywords and descriptions about the page you’re making and many more adjustments that can help make it rank higher in Google.

A few things that you should do is take some time at least once a day or two times per week and go through all of your pages with SEO in mind so that way when someone searches for something related to what you offer they’ll find your site before any other competing sites out there. This how to google seo article is designed for informational purposes only.

Article body: [To use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim] how exactly do you go about doing this? It’s not like just because you want it that way it can happen, you need a game plan and some skills in order to achieve high rankings on search engines like Google, which most of the people use when looking for things online.

One of the first things that most people overlook is getting links from other sites to yours since these are more likely going to bring new traffic than anything else. The important thing here how to optimize your website for google search engine that we discussed previously is putting your keywords in the title,
google seo, meta tags, and in the body of each page on your site.

(Name) is currently working on optimizing his website for Google search engine optimization. If you’re new to this term don’t worry about the jargon because that’s exactly what I am too! I usually just say “how do i get my site ranked high” or something along those lines but when someone asks me how to google seo then all of a sudden I have tons of options at hand lol.

It’s kind of frustrating having so many tools available yet finding some difficulty using them all effectively enough for you get noticed by not only potential customers but by how to google seo.

Important how to google seo On-page factors that are you set up your site and blog for maximum search engine optimization. It’s not just about getting your content posted and hoping it ranks, there is a little more effort put into it than that so read on if you want some of the advanced tips!

Usually when someone refers to link building they’re talking about getting backlinks from other sites that have good SEO themselves and mainly because they want the traffic. So how do I do this? Do I contact them directly or go through another source such as directories or something like that?

How to google seo:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of affecting how visible a website or web page is on search engine result pages (SERPs). Ranking higher on SERPs will usually drive more traffic to your website.

One way to rank higher on SERPs is through keyword(s) research and optimization. These are often referred to as “keywords”. You can use tools such as Google Ad Words Keyword Tool to find how much competition your desired keywords have and how competitive they are for a certain keyword group.

In order to complete a successful google seo there are 3 main factors that come into play. The first factor is how well you optimize your site for the search engine. Secondly how well you market your site and how  often you update your site. Lastly how much authority you have with other websites.

1) how well you optimize your site for the search engines – To perform a successful google seo you need to ensure that all information on your site is relevant and should be targeted at people who are genuinely interested in that subject.

If you have any off topic or irrelevant information on your site how well you google seo is going to be affected.

2) how well you market your site – how well you google seo is also greatly effected by how often you get your name out there and how much exposure your are getting.

The more exposure you get the higher how well you google seo will be because of the fact that search engines value a lot of links from reputable sites for particular keywords as this is good indication that people want to read about your subject area.

3) how much authority do other websites have – Having authoritative websites linking to yours with relevant anchor text can greatly improve how well you google seo is. You should also ensure that you have optimized  it for the relevant keywords and include these in your link text.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. the process of affecting how likely a website or web page is to be visible in the SERPs, how high it ranks on the results pages of a search engine.

SEO is achieved by ensuring that:

– the content is relevant and optimized for users of Google and other search engines

– website/webpage has an HTML title tag that describes what they are about

– keywords are included alongside those in links from authoritative websites

– webpage shows up when related searches are performed.

There are three main factors :

the first factor is related to the optimization of a website for search engines and ensuring its relevant content, properly structured HTML title tag (Main Title) and Meta Description tags.

The second factor is related to marketing on online social networks by getting links pointing towards your site from other websites with authoritative pages.

The third factor is dependent on the age of the domain and number of links that point towards it which indicates authority in direction information within Google’s eyes.

1) Optimizing Your Site:

a) Use Relevant Keywords – try using them as often as possible throughout your text so that when someone does a searches for them, it will appear in the top results.

Try to make sure that your keywords are near or at the beginning of each sentence so that they can get an edge over other results which may have a similar title but only rank third in google when searched for due to lack of keywords at the beginning of sentences/document.

b) Make sure your page titles and Meta descriptions describe what is on your pages – Google looks for content with relevant keywords and tries to display these sites as links first. The Meta description tag should describe what is on your site very briefly, and be used alongside a specific link text (like my website).

c) Use relevant images and videos – how search engines know that what you have to offer is a websites or webpage they need to display it first. Putting relevant images such as google logos, web 2.0 logos etc. should increase your chances of ranking highly.

d) Link internally from pages with related information on it – If i were targeting the keyword “How to use Google” I would put links from my homepage about:

How do I register for Gmail?

Can I register with fake details?

Does google track me?

What does Gmail stand for?

When was Google founded?

Etc.. Integrating keywords within these internal links can help direct users through your site which will allow you to target another keyword once your site has been optimized.

Newspapers and magazines still have a lot of authority – Having many links to your website from well respected sources such as these can help give you an edge over other results in the SERPs

Search engines place great emphasis on domain age for determining authority – You would be amazed at how much difference it makes if you register a legitimate site name which was previously not registered by another person or company compared to registering a brand new one if you were doing both with equal SEO factors (content, keywords etc).

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2) Getting Links : The more traffic that increases onto your webpage through search engines the greater your chance of becoming number one.

There are basically two ways to get links: you can either try and contact bloggers or online news websites by emailing them if you think that your webpage would be of interest to their readers and they will probably agree, or you could make a post on Facebook/twitter which is related to an upcoming event (example: “Google+ has now been launched! Get the latest details on business over here –”) with a link back towards what you want your page ranking for.

This method might not work as well on twitter because there are too many people all tweeting about different things at once so spreading information through it may be difficult and you will probably need to target specific people.

You can also buy links, but this is not how you build authority on your site – It is how you get it ranked quickly if you have a business which requires traffic from search engines fast.

A website with high authority means that google thinks that the point of information described in articles/pages on its are accurate and truthful, and usually how well a page ranks in google for keywords/phrases is dependent on how much authority its pages have had.

3) Keep At It: Nobody makes money overnight online – Getting first place in Google’s SERPS might take anywhere from one month to three months depending on the complexity of the task at hand, how optimized your site is on how much time you spend on SEO.

Tip :- Keywords beginning with a lower case letter get higher authority – google will try and display results which have a mixture of cases of letters, but the ones starting with a lower case letter are usually ranked above other keywords.

Tip:- When linking to pages using websites such as facebook/twitter etc ensure that the link is relevant to what you want your page ranking for – This will ensure that people clicking from those sites to yours actually read your article/webpage.

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Recommended | Not Recommended :-

1 Buy stock images from websites such as fotolia or istockphoto which are affordable even if you only have a limited budget or you can get copyright free images for free on unsplash or pixabay

2) Use these in place of photos you could take yourself because it costs less than hiring someone

3) Make sure that you include the proper source at the bottom of your article/page

how to google seo

• Google – So what is a search engine and why would I want my website or blog to appear high on one?

• SEO – Search Engine Optimization – What it means, how it works, and why it is important.

• Sites like yahoo, bing etc don’t use spamming techniques so don’t worry about them as much – they only give priority to pages which are relevant for users trying to find something.

The closer you get to number 1 in google’s listing = more traffic increases onto your site, 

• Fake IPs & Proxy Servers – Since google is getting so much of its traffic from search engines like yahoo and bing, it can sometimes be hard for them to determine whether or not the user is telling the truth about where they are coming from. In such cases, you should lie about where your server’s location is.

– If you want to go a little more advanced, then you could use proxy servers to “fake” your ip address so that google sees another region as being the one which has linked to your page/site instead of what city and country really led the user to it.

• Link Building – Way of increasing the number of quality links pointing towards your website, which will help google see that your material is popular among other websites and is relevant to what users are looking for.

– For example, if you put up a blog on how to create a successful blog, then your site should have links from blogs by people who also want their blog to be successful because they are in the same niche as yours.

Tip 1 : Wherever you think your articles/pages could get traffic from related content or relevant link building how soon how fast although however fast quick quickly much long ago way back then eventually sooner than later before recently.

• Search Engine – An online service that stores information about websites and permits users to search for keywords within them.


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