How To Make Money From 3D Animation In 2022

How To Make Money From 3D Animation In 2022

How To Make Money From 3D Animation In 2022. Visual content converts more than any other type of content. That’s why businesses are embracing visual content in form of animation and videos. Animation saves money and stress involves in shooting products or business adverts videos. In less than 20minutes you can create 3D animated Video to notify your audience about the offer you are promoting


  • First of all. We need to know the process of 3d animation
  • Create animation for your business.
  • Teach others
  • Create animation for clients
  • Making a portfolio
  • Comics/Manga
  • Videos

From there, create content that people can enjoy reading/watching. As that increases you can do things on the side with said creation to generate revenue.

  • YouTube videos
  • Blogs (with Affiliate links present)
  • Made to order drop shipping with gear related to said animation
  • Contacting overseas or in town toy makers to make designs similar to animation
  • Contacting local companies (Schools, businesses, events) to create a imitation designs advertising for said business affiliate

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3D animation

know the process

First of all. We need to know the process of 3d animation as a generalist, then we can find a way to specialize and focus our attention on that process. Let’s say Modeling. But modeling what?. There are characters, objects and scenery; all these but in a style you prefer. Could be realistic or cartoonist.

Create animation for your business.

Do you have a business already and you are not generating enough sales through your content. Start creating 3D animated video to illustrate how your products works. Posting long text based content on social media will turn off your customers, this is because; attention span of your audience is 5secs. If you have your own product or service where you already offer video as a form of advertisement or tool to help people understand your business, then using whiteboard animation will be hugely advantageous.

Teach others

The advent of social media has made it easy for coaches to make money holding class on social media platforms. You can create online class teaching people how to create animation with their Smartphone.

Make Money From 3D Animation

3D animation

Tip: whatsapp marketing Strategy
To enable people join your animation class, create a crafty content and post it in groups where your likely audience are. (run Facebook ads if you can afford it) Attach a customized group link to your post Show them sample of what they will be learning in your master class Announce an affordable master class.(no your audience buying capacity).

Create animation for clients

Offline marketing is a huge business. Imagine going to your local boutique, and telling them you can create a 2minute 3D animated video for their website, blog or social media platforms. And imagine charging them minimum of 5k because you are just starting out. Yes, it really that simple, and it is so much better to actually go and visit these types of small businesses in person rather than cold calling them. Choose visual social media platforms like instagram and YouTube. Are you knowledgeable in a particular field? For instance you are a personal
development coach, you can use 3D animated videos to build paying followers/audience on instagram or monetize your YouTube channel.

Making a portfolio

Making a portfolio is the stepped stone in this industry. Once we have a good portfolio, this ensure to retain a potential client. This client might be coming from local business, a person or company from your own place or city, most of them probably in advertising purposes.

Obvious one are working for animation studious whether you are free lancing or you work full time.

Other ways are uploading your animations onto YouTube and hope it get’s enough likes and views that you earn something from YouTube through adverts But that takes time because you have to get noticed and make sure your animations are actually good.

Twitch or through donations can land you some money. Why I recommend Twitch is because there are adverts for those who aren’t subscribed so you are earning a little as you stream anther reason why I mention Twitch is because it can help you remain to a dead line, once a week you stream for like 1- to many hours you can go. Having people watch you build your animation and then showing them what you have achieved pays off better than creating the animation and completing it then uploading it and hopping people can see it.

Make Money From 3D Animation

3D animation


I mentioned Freelancing if you don’t know what it means, it is basically you being self employed so you can have people reach out to you for example if someone wanted a intro to their video you can design such thing, if a company needed a new animation to advertise their company they can reach out to you. Of course you need to get noticed and join certain websites or at least inform them that you’re willing to animate and you’re free to do so.

There probably other way but I recommend showing what you are capable of before thinking of making money out of so Start by live streaming on YouTube or Twitch and have your own website once you are going well

After developing a little experience. We can apply in some freelance websites in order to get gradual experience, and also gaining money. This is the way an Artist is going to be recognized. After doing works and gaining reputation. This experience would pass in higher projects and then after practice and developing skills we can apply for big animation studios.

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