How to Make Money On Youtube

How to Make Money On Youtube

At the time of writing this article, it’s official YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. It really is used as a search engine in its own right! How to Make Money On Youtube.

There are now over 1 billion viewers of YouTube across the globe, and it just keeps growing. Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed each day and in 2012, YouTube had well over a trillion views!

YouTube has mandated that a channel should have at least 1000 subscribers in total and 4000 hours of watch time per year in order to be even able to monetize a channel.
This prevents many probable YouTubers from working hard because it seems impossible at the beginning to get so much of watch time.

A leading internet research company, Comscore, found that visitors typically spend 7 1/2 times longer watching YouTube videos than their nearest competitor, Yahoo and with nearly 3 times more viewers! In fact, they found that 99% of all searchers on Google looking for videos went straight to YouTube. Which site do YOU think of first if you want to watch a video (non- pornographic, I mean!)? Yes, YouTube!

And the viewers are yours for the taking. In fact, try it now. Go to Google and type in “how to” [fill in the blank, e.g. make pancakes] followed by the word “video”.

How may YouTube results do you see in the top 5 results? In fact, take out the word “video” – chances are there will still be a scattering of YouTube results on page one! Videos appeal to the masses and provide a tremendous ‘instant fix’, particularly so now, with literacy and concentration levels at an all-time low; couple this with a need to get to information quickly,
people will always turn to videos over text! And just by following the simple strategies outlined in this book and you’ll be ranking in no time for whatever particular niche you are in.

What is YouTube?

YouTube defines itself as “a community where people are entertained, informed, educated, and inspired through the sharing of video.”

YouTube corporate is a tad coy and only releases the most general numbers about site usage, but this is what the company was
saying as this book was being written:

7 Best Ways How to Make Money on YouTube in 2021

1. YouTube Monetization: Use affiliate links on YouTube.
2. Become a YouTube Partner and earn from ads.
3. Make Money on YouTube with Funding from Your Fans.
4. Master Your YouTube SEO.
5. Make the most of your YouTube marketing funnel.
6. Become an Amazon Influencer.
7. Explore extra gains from YouTube Red Subscribers.

People are watching hundreds of millions of videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. In fact, every minute, ten to twenty hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

How to Make Money On Youtube

We’re willing to bet that as you read this, the numbers are even more impressive. So, how do you find a way to distinguish yourself
in this ever-increasing buzz of creativity? That’s a very good question without an easy answer.

Let’s start with a reassuring story so you can see that, although it may not be simple, it is possible to start with nothing but a good idea and make that idea grow into a genuine YouTube phenomenon. Say hello to Hetal Jannu and Anuja Bala subramanian, You may not know them, but tens of thousands of people who log on for ShowMeTheCurry!, their weekly cooking show on YouTube, do.


Hetal Jannu and Anuja Balasubramanian, two 30-something homemakers from suburban Dallas, Texas, are probably much like many of the moms you know in your own neighborhood. Both interrupted their careers to launch their families. Both
found themselves looking for something interesting to do once the kids were in school full time, and both share a love of and expertise with Indian cuisine. When the two friends decided to give the world of TV cooking a try, they found a home right on YouTube.

“’s debut was on YouTube,” explained Hetal recently. “At the time, it was the one sure way to reach a worldwide audience. We had a Web site, but to be page-one-ranked on any search engine is nearly impossible for newcomers. How would anyone find us? Our strategy was to become popular on YouTube and funnel the traffic to our Web site from there.” It’s a strategy that’s proven to be very successful. In just over a year the two have more than 120 videos on YouTube, and they’re doing quite well earning money through ad sales and sponsorships. They have relationships with partners including Google,, and BlogHerAds, to name a few. They have more than 1,700 subscribers to their YouTube channel, and they’re having a ball along the way.

When they began, Hetal and Anuja had one thing going for them. They were both devoted and experienced cooks. Although neither was formally trained as a chef, both had grown up learning the techniques of Indian cuisine and gaining a lifetime’s worth of tasty recipes. They decided to focus on two target audiences. “We targeted beginner cooks with exact, tried, and tested recipes and foolproof methods,” said Hetal. “We also targeted seasoned cooks with healthy alternatives to traditional Indian food and time-saving tips.”

Hetal explained that the pair tries very hard to release videos consistently: “If you have one or two videos and take a break, your viewers will forget about you.” This is just one of the many lessons these two have learned in the year or so since they began. At first, they’d selected Saturdays as filming days, and they appointed their husbands as the cameramen. It didn’t take too many hectic
work-filled Saturdays spent with the kids entertaining themselves before Hetal and Anuja realized that to be successful, they were going to have to learn to work independently.

They set about learning how to film, edit, produce, and advertise their YouTube show themselves. Editing was their real challenge. Neither had ever edited video before, so their first efforts involved a sharp learning curve. But they dedicated themselves to learning the software required for the task, and today they’re quite comfortable with every aspect of the job at hand.

These days Hetal and Anuja get to work as soon as the kids leave for school, and the cooks are busy until the young sters come home at the end of the school day. The two friends often finish up details after the kids have gone to bed. In just over a year, the show’s stars have built a stable full of successful videos and a loyal fan following.

Their Web site is thriving, and Hetal expects that eventually their enterprise will earn them the equivalent of two full-time salaries. As the brand grows, Hetal believes revenues will increase through product
placements within the videos. From doing video production to setting up search engine optimization to generating revenues, these two “ordinary” housewives have struck out for fame and fortune right in their own kitchens, doing what they both love, and loving their lives on YouTube. Maybe they are not so ordinary after all!

YouTube is a very big and genuine platform to share your knowledge and earn money.

At the first place all that you need is Patience and Consistently to reach heights in YouTube.

Now let’s see few useful points that will help you in launching your own YouTube channel.


  1.  Select a perfect niche, where you have perfect knowledge and create your contents
  2.  Take enough time to gather accurate information for your contents
  3.  Be consistent in uploading videos, fix the number of days in a week to upload your contents.
  4.   Promote your channel in all possible genuine and organic ways and gain subscribers with patience.
  5.   Never lose hope and wait with patience for miracles to happen .
  6.   Provide quality videos.

NOTE: Practice and Patience makes everyone perfect.

That’s pretty much true because you will not even get a single view after you work so hard for your videos. Learn SEO so that your video ranks higher up the search algorithm. You can also approach other YouTubers for a shoutout to your channel so that people at least know that your channel exist.

In the long run, for survival, your videos must be at the top 10 videos when people search. That will ensure the survival of your channel over the long run. Otherwise, you will only have repeated people who watch your content.

But, you should always remember that a single video which gains 200–300 views daily is enough to get the 4000 hours watch time criteria. Focus on quality rather than quantity. After you get views, subscribers will automatically follow.

It’s very hard to earn the first $1, it’s even harder to earn the first payout of $ 100. But once your channel gains momentum, it will be significantly easy to earn money although you must keep your content informative, interesting, and up to date.

Understand the power of compounding. When your audience compounds, your earnings will compound as well.

It will at least take a year or two of serious hard work to see some amount of money flowing to your account. It will take a few more years of hard work to live comfortably from YouTube.

You can also earn from affiliations, endorsements etc. Affiliate earnings are usually more when you have a bigger audience.est fit your channel’s niche, purpose, and financial goals.

See my affiliate earning, and you can earn like me to. Join me and Start earning  

YouTube. We’re here to tell you that 99 percent of the most successful people on YouTube are like us, not the Hollywood elite.

“Average” people and companies are finding fame and fortune on YouTube with some regularity, and everyone has an equal shot,
thanks to this amazing phenomenon. Since its founding in 2005 (yes, that’s right, it’s that recent),
YouTube has revolutionized the way people all over the world share information, entertainment, education, and advertising.

Between 1948 and 2008, the three major television networks in the United States produced 1.5 million hours of programming, according to professor and YouTube video lecturer Michael Wesch.

YouTube users, he’s said, have produced more than that in the last six months! In fact, YouTube estimates that 13 hours’ worth of video gets uploaded to the site every minute. More important than the statistics, however, are the demographics behind the statistics.

For the first time ever, programming has been taken away from the major players with the big money and put squarely in the hands of every

person who decides to create and post a video. You may not have the fame and glory, yet, but you have the same shot at exposure that once was reserved only for those rare few people destined to become stars.

Now that these doors are open, our lives as video consumers and producers will never again be the same.


Before you pick up that camera and start creating your own videos, consider some of the ways YouTube has altered the land scape of our everyday lives. You’ll get some background, navigate around the site, and receive a little bit of philosophy as you are introduced to people who have paved the way for the rest of us to achieve success on YouTube.

Not only is YouTube a wonderful source of entertainment but it is also a major breakthrough in the way we share our experiences. Most important of all,
YouTube can be a powerful business tool. That’s no doubt why you picked up this book—to learn how you can step onto the site
and use it to make money, directly or indirectly, for yourself or your company.

But, Don’t Do This if you really want to make money from youtube

It may be tempting, in the heat of a creative frenzy, to fabricate an event or persona in order to promote your product or company.
Since you’re thinking about creating entertainment-based video, why not just create some element of drama, post it as though it

were real, and cleverly hide your corporate sponsorship? It’s tempting, but it would definitely be a wrong step! In the world of online

video, that’s known as “astroturfing.” You may not have yet heard of the term, but it describes a company’s attempt to create a false
grass roots campaign through the use of shills. The campaign then promotes the company’s agenda. The problem with this is that
YouTube viewers are pretty good at detecting fakes. Not only that, but if your video goes on to attract enough attention, your phony
premise is bound to be revealed. Then, you’ll lose all credibility on the site, and that is a situation from which it is very difficult to


The answer to the question of how a company can effectively use YouTube will be as varied and specific as each company that’s
approaching the YouTube site. We hope by now you’ve guessed that your venture onto YouTube could bring your company any thing or everything or nothing at all. Sure, serendipity might strike as it did for Blendtec, springing from a pile of wood shavings on the floor. Or, you may find yourself at the center of a media frenzy like the Elf Yourself campaign. Still many other companies have offered up videos that went largely ignored.

Three easy concepts to make money on YouTube:

1. Understand the community—YouTube is about creative expression. Don’t try to just run your brand campaign. It will
lead to negative backlash.

2. Don’t expect anything to go quite like you thought it would. It is a live and dynamic community. If you are successful, there will be some surprises along the way. How you react to the surprises will also be a reflection of your brand.

3. Be prepared to adapt and change as you go. You can’t be rigid. Launch, learn, iterate.

How to Make Money On Youtube


Youtube pays you only when your videos have been approved and monetized.


*two measurements or parameters are used to determine your pay by YouTube they are;

The number of advert views, (i.e. hits or views your monetized video gets)
The pay for the number of advert views is known technically as CPM. Now to make it trackable and easier, advertising companies such as Google, YouTube pay you for every 1000 views i.e. A particular amount is given to you for every 1000 views.

Note: The amount depends on the niche the youtuber is into.

Eg A gaming YouTuber might receive $4 for every 1000 views, while a real estate youtuber might receive as high as $15 per 1000 views.

2. The number of Advert clicks;

This second measure for payment is also known as CPC. Every time a viewer clicks on the link to the advertisers site, YouTube pays you an amount of money.

This also includes the number of viewers that watch the video past the ‘5 seconds skip to video’ time. Note that it’s quite different from CPM we talked about above. You will be paid for this also.

Note: This amount paid depends on the viewers region. And also depends on the niche your into!

Eg YouTube would pay a tech youtuber up to $1.2 for an American viewers click, but from Canadian and Indian viewers click, it would be about $0.90 and $0.09 respectively.

And like I said, it depends on your niche/area and type of advert. An advert for a game would pay less than an advert for cars or online trading.

I’m a youtuber, that’s why I can give some degree of exact figures.


For Example

A youtuber with 1 million views, let’s break it down with the two parameters explained above; to be

1. Advert or Monetized video views:

Assuming 1million views, for every 1000 views you get $3, ie

1000 views => $3

10,000 views => $30

100,000 views => $300

1,000,000 views => $3,000

2. Advert Clicks:

Lets assume for an average click we get $0.45 and from 1million views we are using as a case study, lets assume 9,000 viewers actually clicked or watched the advertisers video;

it’s 9,000 x 0.45 = $4,050

So that is, $3,000+$4,050 = $7,050


YouTube have already taken their 45% share before this. The $7,050 is yours:)

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How to Make Money On Youtube


Here are some of the key takeaways from this Article on how you can use YouTube to create or promote your own individual business:
• Lightning can strike, and anyone can become a cewebrity, but don’t count on it.
• YouTube makes it much more likely for performers to support themselves and their families while pursuing their crafts.
• To succeed on YouTube, identify particular strengths and use them.
• Once you decide to market yourself through YouTube, post videos consistently.
• Use YouTube to advertise and promote work to a global audience.
• A video résumé may or may not be right for you; make a careful assessment before trying one.
• Inclusion of a video as part of a college application may be an excellent idea in certain circumstances.



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