How To Set up A Donations Platform

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 Set up A Donations Platform

Donations Platform, In some ways launching a new nonprofit and profit  is similar to starting up a business. You’ll need to prove a few things: the problem is real, your solution works, people want your solution. After this we’ll look at how to ramp things up. And the fastest way to do this through Crowdfunding App

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Donations Platform

The Problem is Real

This is a bit more than a fringe situation. If the problem you are addressing only impacts a couple dozen people, you should solve their problem and don’t need the overhead of a full on nonprofit. It sounds like you’ve identified a more pervasive problem. This scope issue is important because there is cost, time, and resources that go into establishing and maintaining a nonprofit. Knowing that the problem you’ve identified is big enough to warrant all that work is important. It will also help later on with fundraising.

The Solution Works

There are very complex issues in our world. Chances are that the problem your working on is one of them. So having some proof that your solution works is key. Knowing that literacy is an issue in many immigrant communities is not the same as having a viable solution to improving literacy. I would personally encourage you to start putting your solution into practice. This will help you greatly with the next big question, but it will also allow you to tweak & refine your approach. There is a big gap between ideation and real world experience. You are to the point of starting a nonprofit you should be to the point of gaining that real world experience.

People Want Your Solution

The exact same solution from two people will have different results on the problem. It boils down to the differences in personality, background, relationships, and other factors. Many people don’t like to talk about this point, but you might just not be the right person to make a difference with the problem. Making sure that your solution works, and getting some real world experience is critical to understanding if the people you’d be serving even want your solution, or even want you. I would rather find out that I was not the right person to address an issue before setting up my 501(c)3, raising hundreds/thousands of dollars, and investing myself 1000% in the work. Get in there, get your proverbial hands dirty, and learn what you cannot any other way. Donations Platform

So now if you get to this point, and you know you have a real problem, your solution works, and people want your help you are on to something. Now you need to get the administrative paperwork going along. Depending on your local you will probably want to find an accountant who works with nonprofits to help guide you along, and to make sure that you get all the correct forms filed, and you stay compliant once you’re up and running.

Raising Initial Funding

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You must be willing to start close to home. Look at your family and social circle. Ask them to partner with you in addressing the problem. Tell the stories of people you’ve met, and the impact you’ve already been able to make. From here try to identify people close to you who might be willing to take positions on your board. Find people who you believe will become champions of your cause. They will most likely assist you with raising some funds as well.

Look for foundations and government grants that might be applicable to the work you are doing. There are countless local, regional, and national foundations/government grants that you can work through. Getting connected in your local nonprofit leadership community can help you find the right databases/lists and connect you with the right people who make funding decisions (at least locally/regionally).

After your first bit of funding starts coming in think about a good way to tell the story of what you are doing. Hopefully you know someone who is decent with a video camera, and you can put together a short film about what you are doing. It should be clear and to the point, but a video showing people the problem, and your solution at work is huge to building trust quickly. It also is something your existing supporters can easily share with others.

Get some Tools

Depending on what you are doing you’re going to need different tools for your specific solution. There are tools you are going to need across the board; accounting software, website, email, membership software [CRM] – this is what we make at  Crowdfunding App, and likely some cloud storage like Office 365, Google Docs, Dropbox. The point of these tools is to ensure people can find you, that you can tell your story, and that you can keep track of people who are interested in your work.

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit

At this point you need to start looking forward to the years ahead. You need to figure out how much the nonprofit can support of your own salary. What would it take for you to go full-time. And after an initial period of getting your solution out there you will need to retool into a more focused fundraising period. Establish a budget for your next year, and figure out what your fundraising target goal needs to be. Having a concrete number will allow you to celebrate your progress, and give you a clear indication when you can start shifting some focus away from fundraising.

At this point you really need to network and explore as many avenues for partnerships and donors as possible. Check with local religious organizations to see if they might be interested in a partnership, look to larger nonprofits that might have an interest in funding part of your work, and always be ready with the 10 second pitch of what your nonprofit does. You never know who might end up behind you in line at a coffee shop, or you might sit next to at the theater. If they are interested grab their name, email/phone, and follow up with the right away. Ask them to give/volunteer to your nonprofit, and ask them if anyone they know might be interested. Keep going and building it out.

I hope this helps you get your profit and  nonprofit up and off the ground. Donations Platform,

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