How To Setup Facebook Marketing in 2022

How To Setup Facebook Marketing in 2022

How To Setup Facebook Marketing. If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world right after China and India. That is how fast Facebook is growing and is the most visited website on the planet.
If you do not tap into this massive source of traffic immediately, you would potentially be missing out of tons of new leads and traffic for your business.
This guide aims to reveal the secrets and strategies used by the top marketers to grow their online business through Facebook.
And you’ll be able to easily learn and apply these strategies for yourself, no matter what niche you are in.
Excited? So am I. Let’s Get Started!

Before there was Facebook™, there were other online social networking sites such Friendster™, MySpace™ and Hi5™. Social networking sites were the next hot thing in the web 2.0 era, where not only could people pour out tons of user generated content with ease, they could share it with their “friends” or online social contacts.

As the number of users increased and the growth of Facebook boomed, so did the number of applications for Facebook. You could install apps, play games, chat and even share and upload photos to Facebook.
The business minded people began to see the potential in Facebook. They began looking into ways one can monetize or grow one’s business through the Facebook platform.

Now, with over 500 million users, Facebook’s potential for businesses to grow cannot be ignored. With the recent introduction of Facebook Advertising and Facebook pages, businesses can list their own official fan pages on Facebook to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.

Basics Of Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is literally means using Facebook to market your business, build traffic or grow your leads. It is a branch of Social Media Marketing, where marketers tap into a multitude of social media platforms such as social networking sites, video sharing sites or micro-blogging platforms to grow their business.

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As mentioned earlier, Facebook has a useful feature called Fan Pages where any business can list their business on one of these pages, add fans and provide content to them.

Once you have created a huge following, you can use your fan page to connect with your customers and prospects through a wide variety of functions such as posting on your “wall”, asking them questions or posting up videos, photos and content of interest to your niche.

The best thing is, whenever you post something on your Fan page wall, all the users who “liked” your Fan page will see it on their news updates.

Any actions which a fan takes on the fan page such as post on the wall will be seen by all their friends, so there is huge potential for viral marketing
The fact is this… If you fail to tap into the power of Facebook marketing, you’ll potentially be leaving tons of money on the table!

Building Your Online Presence Using Fan Pages

So how do you grow your business using Facebook Fan Pages?

Well, the first thing you must do is sign up for a page. If you already have a Facebook profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Create A Page”.


The New - About Facebook
Once you have created a page, fill in all the necessary details of your business such as contact information, maps, post up a photo of your company logo etc.

The next thing you must do is get your customers and followers onto your Facebook Fan Page. You can do so by encouraging them, whether through email or your website to join and “Like” your Facebook Fan Page.

Getting more fans

Besides asking your existing fan base or email list to join you on Facebook, another option is to advertise using Facebook’s advertising system. You can either send them to your Facebook page or send them to your website, but usually sending them to your Facebook page is the cheaper alternative.

What’s next?

Once you’ve got a page set up and a fan base up and running, you should focus on providing targeted, valuable content to your fans. By encouraging them to interact on your page, you create more hype on the page and they would be more likely to share it with their friends, thus getting you more followers.

Getting opt ins using Facebook

Have you heard of a landing page or opt in page? Marketers online use them to get leads for their email marketing campaign.

Did you know that it is possible to set up a “Facebook Landing Page” using Facebook? Search for the “Facebook land page app” and install it in your Facebook Fan Page settings.

Then, you’ll have to add in html code into your “before liking” box and “after liking” box. Basically, how a Facebook Landing Page works is you attempt to “bribe” people to “Like” your Facebook page in exchange for access to a free gift.
This free gift could be something like a free e-book or an online video course.
Combine this with your Facebook Advertising funnel, it’s like you are typically paying for leads! This can be a quick way to build your list fast and cheap with highly qualified subscribers.

Here’s an example of a Facebook Landing Page:

 facebook marketing
facebook marketing
facebook marketing
facebook marketing

Another simpler way of getting leads fast is simply promoting your landing page on your fan wall, since the fan wall is always the most popular and has a lot of eyeballs; the potential of growing your list fast through there is very big.

Facebook is the currently the next big online marketing trend, and is unlikely to go out of fashion due to the pace and size at which it is going. This isn’t like one of those dot com bubbles which come and go, this is the real deal. 500 Million users can’t be wrong.

Due to the competitive nature of the online market, people are constantly looking for new ways to make money and gain new customers. It costs way more to get new customers than to retain existing ones, so Facebook serves a great place to establish rapport with your existing customer or fan base and continue to provide them content of value.

Needless to say, if you fail to tap into the massive marketing powers of Facebook, not only will your competitors rapidly overtake you in terms of market share, you will potentially be leaving tons of money on the table.
That being said, it’s time to jump on the Facebook bandwagon before its too late!
To your Facebook Marketing Success.