How To start B2B content marketing In 2022

How To start B2B content marketing In 2022

Content marketing has become a critical element of any effective B2B marketing strategy. Great content can help in establishing brand expertise and awareness, and with most B2B decision-making coming right down to a specialized understanding of key elements, content provides a crucial platform for showcasing knowledge, building connection, and winning favor among potential clients.

But it is vital to specialize in the proper aspects and to know the knowledge that your audience needs. As per a recent Content Marketing Institute study, 90% of top-performing B2B content marketers put the audience’s informational needs first, as against simply broadcasting the message they might wish to communicate.

How to begin with B2B Content Marketing?

Before you begin content creation, we have to first understand that content is your invisible salesperson. Content is the best way to express your knowledge to your audience in B2B. It is a great way to get in front of the audience in a non-salesy manner. These are a few ways to get started with content

  • Buyer persona

Begin analyzing the types of buyers you would like to go after. These are the people you will have to prepare the content for. You will have to list down the problems they face on a daily basis. You will have to decide to make content to suit the buyer personas on how you or your solution can solve their problems.

  • Buyers Journey

You will next have to look at their buying process. List down the stages they will take in their buying process. You will have to decide the type of content you will make to suit each stage of their buying journey.

  • Format of content

You will have to then decide the format of content you will prepare. You will have to try as many of the formats (Text, Video Image, Audio). However, you can choose one or two of those based on your skillsets and your limitations you might have at this point in time.

  • Content Calendar

You will have to decide the schedule of content dissemination to the buyers. You can go to the level of deciding what topic and what format of the content can be published on a given day. You can plan the roll-out accordingly.

  • Using multiple channels to reach out


You can begin by publishing the content on your blogs. You can also support blogs with multiple images. You can now use the main content and can take the content out of the blog and can amplify the content through multiple channels that include email, social media, like Facebook, Whatsapp. etc. The choice of the channel depends on the database of customers you will have in each channel.

  • On-going activity

You will think that you have begun content marketing and have posted some content. However, you have to understand that content marketing is an on-going activity. Buyers may be at multiple stages of their buying journey. There will be multiple buyers in a B2B organization. So, the objective of the content marketing should be constantly putting out content. You can achieve Top of Mind awareness with your contextual and useful content. You can also engage with the buyers through constant newsletters. The buyers will reach out to you at the right point in time when they will decide to buy a solution to solve their problems.

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