How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria- 2022 Method

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria- 


  1. Introduction  How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria
  2. How to spot High demand Products.
  3. Hot Products that usually sell most (Specialty).
  4. Product Sourcing.
  5. Payment Methods.
  6. Shipping Methods.
  7. Selling your Imported Items.
  8. Selling on Jumia and Konga For those that stay outside Lagos.(DIFM)
  9. Latest and best way to sell your imported products with more than 500% profit.
  10. 10.Cash On Delivery Method.
  11. Other ways to sell offline and online.
  12. Chosen Local logistics for delivery to buyers

Let’s get started:

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria.

The website is  It is one of the numerous China websites But products are cheap because it is not open to the world It is only available and sells to people in china I know you will ask how goods can be bought and sent to the importer

There are agents and companies that specializes on buying on behalf of importers for a fee And they send to logistics company to send to the importers address

Please NOTE:: Unless  you already have market for your products ,concentrate on products within $1-$5

Products that are not common in the country but will sell fast because they are essentials

Also  note that the website is In Mandarin ,and you can translate to English if you use google chrome

I will show you some products that you can start with for those venturing into importing for the first time

But for those you are in business already you can import and make more gains.

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria


My purpose for this post  is to show  you how to double or even triple your current profit in importation business. I want to show you some of the hidden ways you can use to increase/multiply your current profit.

This website in question is without a doubt the cheapest wholesale site in China and most of the products you buy from the online retails stores in Nigeria are purchased from there at insane cheap prices.

A lot of big companies are making a killing profit every single day through this website and I’m about to help you join them to start making the crazy money too legitimately!!!


When you talk about buying goods from China, some people will scream “chinco” thinking that china products are not of good quality therefore, selling china products is a very bad idea. Let me tell you a bitter truth you may not know today. More than 70% of what we use around here is from there. Because of the cheap labour in China, most of the big brands in the world have their factories in China. Meaning most of their products are being produced there.

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

China products are not as bad as people think. All these modems we are using here are made there; forget the MTN, GLO, AIRTEL brands on them. China products have grades. There are products that are being produced there which are of very high quality while some are not of very high quality but still ok. We also have the fake ones.

You just need to be very careful when you buy from there so as not to fall victims to the fake manufactures.  You have nothing to worry about because, this information will show you how to get genuine Chinese manufacturers .

When you buy products from China, the profit margin is always very high because, you will get it cheaper since most of these products are being produced there. You Just need to make sure you always import high quality products from there because of your reputation.


Those days when you heard that someone is into importation business, you will be thinking of Millions of Naira. Thanks to the advent of technology especially the Internet. You can now do Importation at the comfort of your room. With the Minimum of #20,000 you can buy products from far china and bring it down to Nigeria in 72hrs and sell them at higher price. Just relax and follow me till end of this powerful report. I will take you by hand to China and buy any product and sell it at higher price.

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria


When we say specialty. It simply means products that are not common in Nigeria market. You can’t find them in any Nigeria stores but sell like Hot cakes. Always go for low price products between $1-$5 but will sell as higher #10,000 in Nigeria We have a lot of websites that sell imported products in china.

Such as: expensive. Any products you see on is for retailers. cheap. If you buy from it’s cheap here but I don’t advice you to buy from here too cheaper. You can buy some items here if you have emergency order to fulfill. cheapest. This site is direct products from the manufacturers. So buying from this site is very cheap. But the problem here is that you can’t buy direct because it’s only for those that live in China Third party deal: cheapest by 2x.

We have some China agents that can help you get products at ridiculous price. You can only reach them via whatsapp chat because they don’t have the time to pick your call.

Here are their contacts

Annie:+86 134 1227 2121

Angela: +861 351 0664 597

Lilac: +861 810 1979 438

Lilly: +861 877 0960 595

Daniel: +861 598 9271 003 (NEW FRIEND WITH THE BEST PRICE) he accept naira also.

MR.LEE(accepts naira too)

Updating you different new product always on whatsapp, emails and website

if any customer have order then please send order by email along with product picture [email protected]

4 channel where we are updating you all new and different product all places

1: whats app line ( 008618926510678 )

2: whats app line ( 008618938846941 )

3: by email always ( [email protected] )

4: by websites

Note you must know that they are 7hrs ahead Nigeria time. Just send your inquiry about any products they will respond to you in 2-3 hrs .



  1. HEALTH PRODUCTS: Slimming Belt, breast lift, belly slimming patch, whitening kit, pennies enlargement, etc
  1. CAR PRODUCTS: Gsm Car trackers, Vacuum cleaner, car inflator, Scratch, remover, fuel saver, etc.
  1. BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Hair curler, make up kit, shoes, dress etc
  2. HOUSE HOLD PRODUCTS: Hand sewing machine, fancy wall clock, smoke detector, mosquito repellant etc


Stick with the low hanging products (under $5 products)

  • Go for low weighing products
  • Do scanty orders of multiple products…
  • Then maintain good rapour with your seller.
  • Whatsapp is the new link…
  • Negotiate/bargain HARD – the sellers need

money more than you do Import up to 20 – 30 different products… if you can, order more. 1000 products will makeyou a money machine.


We have a lot of places to get new arrival products. I will list them but I don’t tell you to buy from them. You can always go back to third party deal to make your order




After sourcing for your products on the internet send the products to the third party deals then they will give you their various price, then go for the best price. My third party contacts will then send you their link on for you to make payment. On their link they will adjust the price to the agreed price for the items they want to sell. You must get account with GTB with master card. As we know that Nigeria CBN did not allow us to spend more than $100 monthly. If you are paying more than $100, the solution is you have to source for friend or families that use GTB account you will make payment into their card and use it to pay on aliexpress.

The major reason for paying on aliexpress is that it’s safe with escrow. Escrow is aliexpress will hold on to your money till you get your products in good condition in Nigeria. You can also get IBTC, ACCESS BANK master card to make payment.



There are some sellers in China that accept paypal for payment, since you can’t spend more than $100 in a

month but you want to pay more than $100. Here is solution for you. Ijam Solution is reliable exchanger for all e-currency you may need. You can reach them on 0809 183 3866 through whatsapp only. You will register on their website before transaction.


DHL, EMS, FEDEX etc – extremely expensive.

Hong Kong Post, Singapore post- Very slow

Logistics companies – cheap and fast


How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

These shipping companies are very effective when using them for shipment down to Nigeria, but it’s craziness to but items on for $10 and shipping cost $12. Though it will not be more than 2-3 days before you get it.

This will kill business. I don’t advice you to use this. HONG KONG POST, SINGAPORE POST

The above shipping is not for business. Because it usually take 30-40 days before you get your product in Nigeria.

Any serious business man will not settle for them as shipping method.



Logistic companies are the favorite for shipment to Nigeria. Their charges are affordable. Here are the lists of

the most reliable among them. But I personally use Base 1 logistic.

Base 1 logistics

Base1 logistics offers two types of shipping services


Expres ship is 24&48 hours to arrive Nigeria, price, a kilo is 8 USD , battery goods,cosmetics, Liguid and powered

8.5 USD a kilo. Custom Clearing 480&490 Naira a kilo, we do tell customers to send there tricking number to us,

Base1 wasup &wechat 15818134755

Wasup&wechat 13668998812.

Base1, second service


Aircargo is one week to arrive after sending, a kilo is 4.5 USD , battery goods,cosmetics Liguid and powered is 5.USD a kilo, custom Clearing 350&360 Naria a kilo email [email protected]

Base1, +8615818134755,



Noniking price. Express is $7.5 24-48hrs while cargo is

$5.5 7-10 days delivery

whatsapp number +861 137 1935 3179. Just send message

to him for their current price.

When your goods arrive Nigeria they will send sms to your phone number for pick up. Note if you refuse to show up after 2 days, you will be paying demurage on your products.

PS: Use express shipping for goods that are below 10kg and normal shipping for above 10kg. Or depend on howurgent you need it.



For example, for those that reside in Abuja even in Ibadan, you can’t always come to Lagos for your goods. That is why I got some reliable guys that are for that in Lagos.

When you get sms that your items are in their Lagos office just put call through to anyone of them send the sms to them, tell them that you have goods to pick. They will charge you token for pickup, they will then send it to your various state even if you reside at Sambisa forest. The driver’s number will be sent to you for monitoring.

Austin: 0706 888 5201, 0808 732 3853

Ib: 0809 952 9591

Moses: 0809 316 7961.

Talk to them on sunday to create awareness before you get items.



To get cheapest product from China may be as easy as drinking water, but the major problem is how to sell it for

highest profit. These are the ways to sell our imported items.

 How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

  1. Partnering with e-commerce giants such as,,  jiji (classified Advert websites) etc

If you have to sell on these e commerce sites, you will register on their sites. Sell on Ecommerce platforms… but don’t stop there

  1. SFYW- Sell From Your Website
  2. Social media (, BBM, twitter, instagram and whatsapp).

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria



Konga @ 8: Eager Shoppers Storm Online Platform, Offline Stores for Mega Deals | BrandCrunch Nigeria

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

I will begin with Konga As we all know, konga is one of the best e-commerce  platforms in Nigeria and it falls under marketplace. With over 50millions of customers and thousands of merchants, konga has really proved the test of time. Making money via Konga is quite easy however you need to understand some certain things:

  • The commission
  • Return policy
  • Payment
  • Drop off center
  • Order cancellation
  • Listing of products
  • Pricing etc

The url for konga’s sellers platform is shq.konga.comThe shq stands for Seller Head Quarter When you visit the website. You will see the following links.

  • How it works
  • Seller Academy
  • Seller Forum
  • Drop-off centers
  • Log in
  • Sign up

Under the Sign up page. You need the following to get registered

Description about your store

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • State
  • Local Govt
  • City
  • Landmark
  • How you heard about Seller hq and
  • Referral code. If you have one.

then you can proceed to answer some few questions. Some few months back, selling on Konga was free however to list products on their platform now, you need to subscribe monthly.

As a new seller. You have 30 days free then there is Silver plan which is 1,000 monthly and Gold plan which is 2,500


The silver plan gives you access to

  • 30 live products
  • Access to konga pay

●Online store

  • Ability to upgrade to a higher plan

While the Gold plan gives us access to

  • Unlimited product listing
  • Access to konga pay
  • Online Store
  • 24/7 live support
  • You can view details of customers and reviews

Another thing we should know about Konga is the KongaPay platform KongaPay allows you receive payments directly into your bank account after the Escrow and return policy period as expired.

Before, when konga just started, you need to request for payout into your bank account and it takes 3-5 working days before you receive payment but with KongaPay, you get paid direct into your bank account with no stress.

On Konga, you can go on vacation i.e. close your store for a particular period if you are travelling, busy or sick and later you open it. Now, how do we sell our products on konga?

It is very easy

On your dashboard, you click on the sell an item button You choose the product category

There are many categories there. For example Fashion, phones and tablets, sports and fitness, home and kitchen etc.

You select the category which the item you are selling falls and also its sub category.

Then you proceed to uploading the product images. You can upload up to 5 different pictures on konga.

The picture as to be clear and in a white background without any watermarks Picture size on konga is 400×400 px or 500×500 px

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You proceed to Product Title (the name of the item) then to Description You proceed to the Brand of the item.

  • -It’s weight in kilograms
  • -Price of the item
  • -Discounted price

You can also charge 5% VAT on the item you are selling Product quantity. (Currently, quantity can’t exceed 20 on

konga as you will need to be updating it as you sell) We also have Return policy which is either 7 days or No

return policy. Then lastly. This option was just added of recent It’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can add different keywords so as to allow your store pop up during search Then you save the item After submission. Konga will review the item in 24-48hrs to see if the item was listed in the right category and with good pictures Konga has drop off centers all over Nigeria. So anywhere you are in Nigeria. You can become a merchant on Konga

Konga also suspends merchants ifyou fail to process your orders So make sure you have the items you are listing in stock in order not to get suspended by konga..



The url for dealdey’s seller platform It’s called DealDey SellerZone Signing up on Dealdey is quite easy

DealDey acquired by Ringier-Silvertree JV

All you need is an:

  • Email Address
  • Your phone number
  • Password
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Details
  • Store Name

Address and you are good to go

Store Name is the same as Business Name. Then your full name too You can also add a store banner and business logo. After signing

  1. You then login to begin upload product Deal or Service deal You have the following links
  • Orders
  • Deals
  • My Money
  • Settings
  • Dashboard
  • Redeem
  • Seller Guide
  • New Deal

– New Service Deal

-New Product Deal

Orders is where you see the Orders you have, the details of the customer and also where to update it.

Deal is where you see all the deals you’ve done.

  • Live deals
  • Sold out
  • Approved
  • Queried
  • Pending Approval
  • Rejected
  • Expired
  • Drafts
  • Cancelled
  • Change of password

Dashboard is where you have Active Service/Redemption Deals Active Product Deals and Most recent payments

Redeem: This is for service (when the customer is using Coupon) The Seller Guide is very helpful as you got a lot of things to learn from it

Dealdey has a merchant app which you can download on your device NOW.

How do we begin a deal?

NB: There are two types of deals

  • Product deal and
  • Service deal

To begin a deal, You click on New Deal. Then select either New Service Deal or New Product Deal Let’s begin with Product Deal

The following are expected of you to fill when making a deal A question is always asked on top. Does this deal have

multiple options?

Yes or No

what this means is that if the product as a multiple types  e.g for cloths. It might have different sizes like Medium, Large etc

You fill the

  • Deal Title
  • Deal Category
  • Deal Sub-Category
  • Begins (When you want the deal to begin)
  • Ends( Should be between 7 to 30 days from the start date).
  • Original price (Not the exact price you want to sell but a higher price which will have a stroke when the item eventually goes life on the website)
  • Deal Price (The exact price you want to sell)
  • Discounted Percentage (The percentage difference between the Original price and Deal price)
  • Dealdeys Commission ( The commission deal dey will take will be automatically calculated and shown to you
  • Your take (The final amount you are taken)
  • Maximum Quantity ( quantity you have)
  • Weight

Also you will see this

Enter a link to where prices can be verified ( it is optional)

  • Is this deal shippable Yes or No
  • Choose your shipping company (The only company Dealdey uses if you are shipping through them is Fedex

You can use Any Fedex office. Then you have alternate shipping where you set the price you want to charge per state and outskirts. You can also choose the places you want to send to

  • Describe the deal
  • Highlights (pin points about the deal using asterisk sign

Picture size is 670 × 414pixels. It can be jpeg or png After all this. You click on submit. Then it takes you to where you

crop the image then you click on Confirm

After that your deal will be waiting for approval If it is approved, then it goes live for the number of days you set

When the deal expires it goes off live on the website So will you start afresh creating another deal for the item?

Absolutely No All you need do is go under Deals. Beside the deal you

want to redo. Click on select Action the CLONE. Don’t forget the word Clone After clicking on clone. Refresh the page and it comes to the top under All deals And the status change to draft. Then you click on the deal title

It takes you back to where all the details about the product is and all you need do is to change the begin date and end date. If the price has changed, you can also change it. Then you submit, crop the existing image and CONFIRM

For service Deal. It’s same process. The good news is that Dealdey payment mode for customers is before delivery so

be rest assured that when you get any order. It is a real deal With all this, you are good to go on Dealdey.

Selling on Kaymu The url for Kaymu or jumia market is or

Which ever you visit will direct you to the right destination. Once you visit the website , what you need do is to click on Join us on the top right of the home page.

To create an account. You need the following

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password

You can also sign in with Facebook or Google + account After providing all this details, you click on Join Us and you

will be successfully

signed up.

In the dashboard. You will see the following:

  • My Jumia Market
  • My Messages
  • Community Feeds
  • Manage Ratings
  • My purchases
  • My wishlists
  • My Sales
  • My products
  • Promote my shop
  • Settings
  • Logout

Under settings. There is a payment setting where you input your bank details. Haven done all this, you can begin selling on Jumia market on your dashboard, you click on Sell Now

There are 3 stages to sell.

  1. Product Details
  2. Payment and Shipping
  3. Success

You upload the product images. Up to 4. It as to be clear and of good quality. It should be bigger than 500×500pixel

You need to fill the following information

  • Then Product name
  • Product description
  • Category
  • Item weight
  • Quantity
  • Price with tax

(Promotional price Promotion from Promotion to) all this if you want to put a discount Listing duration in days. Highest is 90 days. Then you proceed to Payment and shipping sorry This is where you choose whether to ship through Kaymu (AIG) or ship yourself Then you review everything and you are good to go If you get an order.

You will receive a text and email containing the details of the buyer and the item he/she ordered for Then you deliver either through AIG or by yourself After every month. The commission you are to pay for will be sent to your mail and you pay into an account.

Selling on Jumia

Shopping online with Jumia. - Jumia Lounge

Selling on Jumia is quite easy, however if you are not based in Lagos. It might be quite difficult.

There are two ways to register as a vendor/merchant on Jumia. The second way is the best and fastest way.

So what are the two ways?

The first way is to sign up on their website

By scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on Sell on Jumia link

After clicking the Sell on jumia link. You then click on Become a Vendor You need

  • Company Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Last name
  • Annual Turnover
  • If you have inventory management system
  • Product category
  • Number of products
  • Presentation

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Then you click on Register now. After that, you will be invited over to their head office for the real registration.

The first method might take a while, So its better, you just go directly to their head office The address is No 109, Adeniyi Jones Avenue opposite Hp Service Center Ikeja Lagos. When you get there. Ask from the receptionist that you are going to the Marketplace department. You will be directed to the department and the person who registers you automatically becomes your account manager. You will be registered and given a sign up link where you can change your password and login for the first time. The seller’s page for jumia is

That very day you registered. You will undergo a one on one training session with one of their staff on how you can

list items, login, receive payments etc. After your first order, you are expected to go to the warehouse to tender the item and that day you will be given some packaging materials home. On your subsequent orders, you are expected to print out waybill and order summary then package the item yourself with the materials given to you and take it any Jumia hub close to you. Monies are remitte with them but it seems they’ve improved on that. If you are outside Lagos or you won’t be chance to always process orders, you can sign up for Jumia First which allows you to keep your products with jumia at their warehouse and they help you fulfill your orders for a token.

Social Media Marketing

You can sell your products using different Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

We would be looking at Facebook for this course. Marketing on Facebook can be done in different ways Posting on timeline, Creating a page and as you said posting on time line , groups and events. Posting on time line is limited to your friends only except if they share your post and not all of your friends will be online as at the time you are posting.

Groups enables you post questions, start discussions, advertise your products and services with other members in the group. There are also many Buy and Sell groups on Facebook which are for the purpose of buying and selling.

So go ahead and join as many as possible groups. Events creation is majorly used to invite people for Trainings, seminars etc

A page can be used for individual purpose, community, business, company etc Marketing on Facebook is very much effective by creating a page because it gives you the advantage to reach out to more people beyond your friends or just people who likes your page (followers). How is this possible? For every content you post on a Facebook page, you can boost it. I.e run a sponsored advert for it. The outcome of running a sponsored ads is that you stand to reach out to your target audience. You can reach out to people by their location, age, sex and interest Location can be a state or states in a country, it can also be a whole country or different countries. Age is between 18 to 65 Gender can be only male, female or both Interest can be well utilized by using keywords related with exactly what you are posting.

For example, I want to advertise a Dell Inspiron Laptop. I can use keywords like

  • Dell
  • Inspiron
  • Laptop
  • Core i5
  • 15 inches
  • Touchscreen Etc.

To boost a post, you click on Boos post on the post you want to boost or you click on create and advert on your

page. You can promote the whole of your page to get more followers and you can promote your website or application to get visitors and downloads. You need to input a payment method on your Facebook page for advert charges. You can use Mastercard, Visa or Paypal or Facebook Ad Coupon. Selling on Jumia and Konga For those that stay outside Lagos.(DIFM) Drop off can be used for those that are not reside in Lagos of that are very busy.

Phone: 08093798637 (calls only)

Call time – Monday to Saturday 8am -4pm

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +2347063667303(Whatsapp only)

Also you can use one of my Guys called Austin, 07068885201,

08087323853 I mentioned him above. Call him and He will tell you what to do plus Latest and best way to sell your imported products with more than 500% profit.

That’s facebook marketing. Selling on konga, Jumia and others is not bad, but selling on is the best

way to make tons of naira than selling on others ecommerce site. I  included video tutorial on this.

Cash On Delivery Method. The best way to sell on facebook and other social media is by selling Cash on delivery, meaning buyer pay when they get their products. This will make them believe that you sell real goods.

Other ways to sell offline and online. There are various ways to sell your imported products. You can brand products from china for societies, schools, or group of people, churches or Asalatu members. You can also advertise on your facebook timeline, whatsapp status that you can offer souvenirs for all these services for marriage, burial, birthday etc. Chosen Local logistics for delivery to buyers. I listed 5 best Logistics that can handle all your shipment to any buyers you have on facebook ads

  1. Zoom Logistics: They deliver to Lagos and Abuja only. They will charge you after they make delivery for you.

They can also collect money on your behave. After they got your money they deposit into your bank following day. I love them most.

  1. Cedar express Nigeria : they deliver nationwide. They will ask you to pay for shipment before they deliver it Once they collect money on your behave, they pay into your account 2-3day later. to check if they  have office in your location.

  1. ACE delivers nationwide and currently has strong presence in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. They

collect #17,000 down payments. The payment is for your shipment. They charge from the payment till you exhaust it. After delivery they pay to your account 2-3 day later.

  1. this is konga logistic company. They charge #25,000 down payments. You will be charged from it till you exhaust it to zero balance then you top it up. They deliver nationwide. They have office nationwide. You

can get their locations on their site.

  1. Austin (for Lagos deliveries) 07068885201,


Visit their sites for further enquiries

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