Top 8 cheapest virtual dollar card in Nigeria-2023

Virtual dollar card in Nigeria-2022

In this post I will take you through Apps and site which you can create virtual dollar card in Nigeria, that you can use for shopping online and pay bills like Google ads bills, Facebook ads bill, Instagram ads bills. etc…

1. Geegpay Virtual dollar card

virtual dollar card in nigeria

What is geegpay?

With Geegpay, it’s easy to convert to your local currency at competitive exchange rates in minutes. Send money and receive money from overseas, and spend globally with Geegpay virtual and physical cards.
Geegpay is a website where you can manage all your account in one space,  the mobile App is coming soon…

How to use Geegpay?

  • Create a USD, GBP, EUR accounts to  receive payments for your gigs.
  • Automate employer billing.
  • Debit cards for easy spending.
  • Build your credit score


2. Chipper Cash Virtual dollar card

virtual dollar card in nigeria

What is Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash is a cross-border payments app, where over 3 million people send & receive money in and between Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and now available in United Kingdom (UK). Enjoy free local transfers and the lowest cross-border rates.

Chipper Cash is bringing Africa together, one transaction at a time. Everyday we “chip away” at the financial problems facing people across Africa & around the world.

What you can use chipper cash for.

USD Virtual Card

The Chipper USD Virtual Card is a pre-funded and reloadable virtual card that can be used for international online transactions. The card can be funded right from the user’s Chipper wallet and is absolutely free to acquire. The Card can be used online in the same way you use your physical debit or credit cards.

Send & Receive Money

Just say no to massive fees or traveling to a bank or agent just to send and receive money. Instantly transfer between your accounts for free. Get paid faster, with zero fees!

No-Fee Money Transfers

Move your money between Chipper Cash and any bank, mobile money account absolutely free!

Buy Discounted Airtime & Earn Cashback

Purchase discounted Airtime and earn 2% or more Cashback instantly. Get Airtime for yourself, or send to a friend, even send it internationally!

Pay Bills Instantly for Free

Pay bills with no extra fees charged. Chipper Bill Pay is so easy, that you may even start paying your friend’s bills. Bills are a hassle, Chipper is simple, easy and free. virtual dollar card in nigeria

App info

 Version  1.11.0
 Downloads  5m+
 Download size  35.27mb
 Required os  Android 5.0 and up
 Offered by  Critical ideas, inc.
 Released on  jul 7, 2018
 Compatibility  Both os and ios


3. Flip By Fluidcoins Virtual dollar card


virtual dollar card in nigeria

What is Flip By Fluidcoins ?

Flip By Fluidcoins is a crypto savings and payment solutions app. It’s more accurately described as an all-in-one stable coins app, which allows you to save, earn and make international online payments in stable coins. The app, which had just under 1000 users before launch, had been in beta with a large, involved community of testers who shaped the eventual product.

Flip virtual card can be use for shopping online, make Ads payment like, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, google Ads.

Flip by Fluidcoins offers exciting features such as the Save wallet, which offers users up to 6% interest per year on their savings, paid daily. This daily payment structure means users can effectively withdraw their money at any time without any lockup periods or penalty fees. The product utilizes DeFi, a relatively new and exciting feature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, to provide its users healthy returns on their stable coins while ensuring the safety of their holdings.

App info

 Version 0.2.5
 Downloads 1,000+
 Download size  35.27mb
 Required os 6.0 and up
 Offered by Fluidcoins Technologies
 Released on Jul 29, 2022
 Compatibility  Both os and ios


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4. Grey

virtual dollar card in nigeria

What is Grey?

Grey is a mobile App that you can use to Open a global bank account in minutes for free. Join over 100,000 African freelancers and remote workers and send payments, receive payments and convert to your local currency all in one app.

With gray you will Enjoy a seamless experience sending money across borders through Grey. Send money to your loved ones with Grey, and your loved ones can receive money from you quickly and securely. Because of our rates, they’ll receive more money when receiving through Grey. Send money from Africa to the UK and EU countries easily.

Why use Grey?

– Receive money from 80+ countries with ease.
– Access fast international transfers.
– We’re committed to keeping your account secure and protected from fraud with best-in-class security and technology.

– Access to dollar card.

App info

 Version 0.75
 Downloads 1,000+
 Download size  15mb
 Required os 5.0 and up
 Offered by Grey Finance
 Released on May 16, 2022
 Compatibility  Both os and ios


5. Eversend Virtual dollar card

virtual dollar card in nigeria

What is Eversend?

Eversend is a App that allow you to Send and receive money across borders with maximum safety and convenience. Whether you’re in or outside Africa, send money to your loved ones in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Our multi-currency wallets and currency exchange offer fair and transparent money exchange rates between USD, EUR, GBP, NGN, UGX, GHS, KES, and RWF. Pay your bills using Eversend online banking or move money to a mobile money or bank account.

Unlike traditional banks, we don’t have hidden fees, inconvenient operating hours, or inflexible support. Instead, Eversend online banking offers a fast money transfer to mobile money and bank accounts. Every money transfer between Eversend accounts is always free of charge. Do all your online banking anytime from anywhere globally, with 24/7 support.

Why use Grey?

– Send and receive globally.
– Send money to Europe and the United Kingdom
– Create a dollar virtual card and save on forex fees when you pay online
– Buy and sell bitcoin and other crypto currencies
– Create virtual EUR and GBP bank accounts and receive money in those currencies
– Exchange money at great rates
– Hold multiple currencies with our multi-currency wallets
– Send money to Eversend, mobile money and bank accounts
– Money transfer within Eversend accounts is free
– Pay bills hassle-free

App info

 Version 0.3.07
 Downloads 500,000+
 Download size  33mb
 Required os 5.0 and up
 Offered by
 Released on Feb 1, 2019
 Compatibility  Both os and ios


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6. Eyowo Virtual dollar card

virtual dollar card in nigeria

what is Eyowo?

There are three conventional things everyone does with money: earn it, spend it and grow it. To do these things, people often rely on several apps. With Eyowo, you can save, grow and control your money, in one app.

Why use Eyowo?

Instant accounts for you and your business.
On Eyowo, your phone number is your first account number without the first zero. Save yourself time by cutting out long hours in a banking hall. On Eyowo, you can open a business bank account as well as multiple other personal accounts. The best part is you can see them all in one place!

Receive money from anyone, anywhere.
Spare yourself the awkwardness. Ask for your money politely by sending an Eyowo request, your QR code, or a payment link.

Secure your money with an Eyowo card.
With Eyowo cards, we’ve removed all the information that fraudsters can use to steal your money. Your card information now lives in your app. This is the one of the safest card in Nigeria. virtual dollar card in nigeria

App info

 Version 3.1.4
 Downloads 100,000+
 Download size 36 MB
 Required os 5.0 and up
 Offered by
Softcom Limited
 Released on Dec 17, 2017
 Compatibility  Both os and ios


7. Kyshi Virtual dollar card

virtual dollar card in nigeria

What is Kyshi?

Kyshi offers multi-currency accounts and a money transfer platform with market-leading product features that help our users send money and swap currencies across borders safely, conveniently, at low costs, and on time.
With Kyshi you can send, receive, and hold money in multiple currencies.
Also, your first transaction is FREE. Try it out, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Kyshi Express: Send money and receive it instantly from the UK to 20 African countries, including but not limited to Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Togo, Cameroon…and the list goes on. virtual dollar card in nigeria

App info

 Version 2.6.3
 Downloads 50,000+
 Download size 28MB
 Required os 6.0 and up
 Offered by
Kyshi Technologies
 Released on Mar 10, 2021
 Compatibility  Both os and ios


8. OrbitRemit Money Transfer Virtual dollar card

virtual dollar card in nigeria

What is OrbitRemit Money Transfer?

OrbitRemit offers a fast, safe, secure and cost-effective way to transfer money overseas.

The entire process of OrbitRemit Money Transfer is 100% online – ideal for those wishing to send money overseas at the lowest possible cost with the least amount of fuss. You will never again need to find a physical money transfer outlet or set foot in a bank branch.

Why use OrbitRemit Money Transfer?

– Make transfers to bank accounts with our mobile app
– 80 – 90% cheaper than the banks
– 24-hour customer service
– 5* rating on Trustpilot from over 19,000 reviews
– Track the status of your transfer, from creation through to when your beneficiary is paid.
– Status updates by email as your transfer progresses to its destination
– Manage your recipients straight from the app
– Fixed exchange rates – the rate you see is the rate you get
– Low, fixed fees and no hidden surprises
– Free payments to the IRD, MOJ, MSD in New Zealand

App info

 Version 5.15.0
 Downloads 100,000+
 Download size 20MB
 Required os 5.0 and up
 Offered by
OrbitRemit LTD
 Released on Dec 10, 2014
 Compatibility  Both os and ios

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